Food Review on Central Florida Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

When driving down the highway or interstate you may have noticed a brown old country store and restaurant called Cracker Barrel. Crack Barrel’s are known for they’re Southern country cooking. Don’t take my word for it.

Cracker Barrel serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter what time of day when you’re hungry, you’re always welcome at this place. Plus, breakfast served all day! There is always plenty of parking when arriving at any Central Florida Cracker Barrels. When you walk up to the building you will notice a row of old wooden reproduction rocking chairs for sale. You’re welcome to sit in one of the rocking chairs on the porch while you relax and enjoy life.

When you step in the building you will be entering the Cracker Barrel in-store retail shop. They have many in unique items for sale. During the holiday times they have a great selection of Christmas items which includes decorations, clothing, and packaged foods. One will notice a uniquely decorated Christmas tree when you walk in the door. Crack Barrel wants visitors to brows their shop before going into the dinning room to eat.

After checking out the shop, it is time to eat. A friendly hostess will seat you at one of their many non-smoking dining room tables. Once seated the hostess will hand you a brown parchment paper menu. There is a large selection of food items on the menu. For breakfast, I usually get the Old Timers Breakfast. This traditional food selection comes with hot biscuits and gravy, grits, hash browns, your choice style eggs, and bacon. Also, served with a slice of orange on the plate.

While waiting for your food, each table has a wooden triangle peg game. This game is great for people who are bored and want something to do while there food is being prepared. Also, near the fireplace inside the dinner room is checkerboard and chess game set for two players.

When your food is ready, your waitress deliver your food directly to your table. If you have a food item that does not look right. Just let them know and they will happy bring you a new fresh food item. If you run out of hot biscuit, let the waitress know and she will be glad to bring some more to your table. Once you get finish eating the best part is paying for it. And don’t forget about tipping the waitress too. Dinners must pay at the retail store counter outside of the dinning room. They take cash and credit only.

The restaurant décor is very old country store theme from the 1800’s. Many antiques hang from the wall and ceiling throughout the entire building. Many of these items are reproductions along with a hand full of real hand made items. Some of the items consist of cooking related items, agricultural, industrial, sports, and photos of families and portraits. These items are not for sale. If you’re looking to add one of these items to your collection check out your local antique shops.

Most of the Crack Barrel Restaurant and Stores are laid out the same at many locations. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is hungry. This is a regular place I frequent. So come stop your local Cracker Barrel in Central Florida or anywhere else in the Southern United States and seat down for a great country meal.

Fore more information on Cracker Barrel Old Country Store go to

Photo and Logo provided by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store


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