Cheap Eats – Costco Food Court


Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

When you’re out and about and want something to eat fast, then check out any of the three local Central Florida area Costcos. There is no need to buy a membership card just to eat at one of the Costcos. At Costco there is a large selection of food for everyone’s taste buds.

Costco is noted for their long hot dogs and a soda. A Kirkland’s hot dog and Pepsi fountain drink can go along ways to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Plus, free condiments to put on your hot dog. Just add a little onion, ketchup, and mustard, for a great tasting hot dog.

If a hot dog is not your thing, then they have other food items too. Check out the pizza by the slice or the whole pizza. There whole pizzas are made to order to what you like. The whole pizzas take about 10 to 15 minutes to make.

Don’t forget the dessert items. They have churros and non-fat yogurt to go along with your main food item. These are great food items to round out your meal. Once finishing eating your meal, then let the shopping begin at Costco.

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