Cheap Eats – Little Caesar’s Pizza


Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

While I was out in about, I came across Little Caesar’s Pizza in Central Florida. You might have seen the Little Caesar Pizza commercial on TV for the Hot N Now special for $5 plus tax. Just stop by one of their many locations and most of the time they will have one Hot N Now Pizza ready for you when you walk into the store.

Little Caesar’s was founded in 1959 in Garden City, Michigan. This pizza chain has both corporate and franchise locations. In the Central Florida area there are fifteen locations. When you walk through one of the many locations you are greeted at the door.

This pizza chain staff is friendly when walking through the door and wants to give you the best fresh pizza for the price. You can choose between plain cheese or pepperoni pizza. If you need more than one pizza please call ahead before showing up. Most of their customers walk up to purchase Hot N Now special.

There are a lot of different flavor pizzas you can order. Customers mostly order the cheese and pepperoni, but there is a ultimate supreme pizza, 3 Meat Treat Pizza, Hula Hawaiian Pizza, veggie pizza, and a custom pizza to your liking. Besides pizza, Little Caesar’s has Caesar Wings, Italian Cheese Bread, Caesar dips, and Pepsi products.

Little Caesar’s is one of the most inexpensive pizza products in the Central Florida area. Some of Caesars’ competitors are Dominos, Papa Johns Pizza, Pizza Hut, and the independent pizza stores. No one comes close to this special priced pizza.

To spice up my pizza, I recommend adding Italian seasoning, crushed chili peppers, Parmesan Cheese. This will give your pizza some more flavors. Try it for yourself.

For more information on Little Caesar’s Pizza go to


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