Restaurant Review on Twin Peaks

Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL – If you have ever been to a sports bar you know there are many places in the Central Florida area. You want a place with 360 TV sets around the dinning room to watch anything sports related. This place is not just for guys, but for the whole family too.

At Twin Peaks Altamonte, there is plenty of parking when you arrive. This restaurant used to be in the former TGI Fridays location. Also, in this shopping center is the Wing House, which is a few doors down from Twin Peaks. Many customers ask if they compete with one another. To answer that, I asked Twin Peaks General Manager Gunny Green and he said, “no because they are in a different market.”

When you walk into Twin Peaks open doors, you are greeted by one of the lovely outdoors type ladies. They are dressed in plaid cut long sleeve shirt with khaki shorts. They are happy to seat you anywhere inside this restaurant you like. There is even a man cave section with a fire pit great for bachelor parties and other get togethers.

The inside of this restaurant is a rustic outdoors theme décor. There are mounted and stuff game animals on the wall. At some of the long tables you will notice a wooden plank with a red axe. This is used as a divider to separate the different customer parties.

Once you are seated a table, and handed a menu. You will notice they have a limited food and drink menu. On two different visits I have tried the Peak Sampler plate, BBQ Buffalo Wings, Green Chili Parmesan Wings, Buttermilk Chicken Sliders, chips and salsa, and the Hamburger. These are all good choices to eat.

The Peaks Sampler plate is great for two people to share. What is included on the late is fried covered dill chip pickles, mozzarella square cheese, and buffalo tenders. This plate is a unique appetizer.

Although Twin Peaks is not known for their wings, they do have wings on the menu. I have tried the BBQ style wings and Green Chili Parmesan Wings served with blue cheese and ranch dressing along with a few celery sticks. The BBQ Style Wings are very mild tasting. They have a similar taste from a store bought BBQ sauce. Next, the Green Chili Parmesan Wings are mild with a lite kick. There are other flavors that are medium to hot and you just have to ask for them.

The Buttermilk Chicken Sliders is an appetizer or is great for a meal by itself too. When I ordered this menu item I asked for the gravy and honey butter on the side. It is recommended to have the honey butter on the biscuit to keep it soft so it doesn’t crack. The chicken has a mild pepper flavor.

The chips and salsa on the appetizer menu is great to share with a few friends and family. This menu food item is not your typical salsa. The salsa is served warm and not cold like other restaurants. There is a little kick to this mild salsa.

This is considered a classy sport bar restaurant. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for some great food and entertainment on any night of the week. Just remember you can look, but you can’t touch. This goes for all of the guys out there.

For more information on Twin Peaks Restaurant go to . Also sign-up for this FREE Email Club from Twin Peaks so you can receive special offers and food coupons.



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