Dining Review at The Orlando Titanic Gala Dinner

Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – If you are looking for a unique dinning experience then the Titanic Gala Dinner Experience is what you need. Many Titanic movie fans at heart will love this entertainment and dinner experience. Before heading over to the Titanic Gala Dinner it is recommended to dress casually in a nice shirt and pants. Plus, bring a jacket because some of the exhibits have very cold rooms.

Once you arrive on the property of the Titanic The Experience. This attraction is located in what used to be a strip mall and at former Racing Rock Museum attraction. There is plenty of free parking in the front and back of the building. Crowds tend to line up before the doors even open.

When you enter the door of the building, you will be greeted by nice lady dressed in a black and white Boarding Stewardess in the Lobby which is the Purser’s Deck. The dinner gala is by reservation only. Guests are then given a boarding pass along with your dinning table number. Don’t forget to save this card. I will explain later in this dinning review.

After getting your boarding pass which is your ticket into this attraction. Next, the Executive Director of the White Star Line will then greet you. Then, you will have an opportunity for a family photo taken on the front bow of the Titanic in the lobby with out any of the actors. These photos are available to purchase at the end of your night. While waiting in the lobby and guest are welcome to the Captain’s cocktail party with cheese and crackers appetizer. Also, there is a cash bar for beverages and liquor. Plus, guests will interact with the Titanic crew and guests.

The Titanic crew and guests are professional actors. It is encouraged to play along with their skit. The old man guest will ask you where you’re from. I told him I’m from nowhere. Then he asked what class are you? Marked on my boarding pass in the back is listed a name of a male/female of a real Titanic guest, class, and other information. I told him I was a third class passenger just to be funny and he ran away with poking fun at me in a good way. Please be aware you might be picked on. This is all in good fun.

Another character you will meet Margaret “Molly” Brown who is known as the damsel. She is quite flirtatious with the guys. Ask her to kiss your guy on the cheek. She will do it in a photo. She is very talkative. You never know what see will say next.

Once all the guest have arrived, they are then spilt up into two groups to see the first half of the Titanic Experience which consists of the ship building room, recovered artifacts of many different ship items. While going thru the first part of the museum, guests have another photo opportunity see the wooden Grand Staircase Room. These photos are available to purchase at the end of your night. Photography and video is not permitted in the attraction and during the Gala dinning show. You are permitted to take photos in the lobby and gift shop only.

When the dinning room is ready, the Stewardess call out assigned table numbers. There are a total of nine or ten tables in the Dinning Room consisting of ten people per table. Walking into the dinning room you will feel like you are on a cruise ship. Everyone is served the same dinner unless you make a special request ahead of time.

The first course dinner is served with the mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Also, on the table is an artisan cheese and olive plate. Don’t forget the mixed Vienna dinner rolls with butter. Some of the rolls are plain or have garlic seasoned.

After the first course then the main course is served. The main course consists of a fillet of beef with mushroom Dem-glaze along with a chicken breast with Lyonniase sauce on the plate. Also, on the plate is a serving of green beans and Rosemary roasted potatoes on the side. The beef tips were the best out of the meal. While guests eat their diner, the crew and guests of the Titanic entertain them. Don’t be surprised if you see a little drama-taking place. Plus, the Captain of the Titanic walks around the Dinning Room interacting with the guests.

The third course consists of a champagne toast to the retiring Captain Edward John Smith. He will give a few words about his retirement. And the final course is the desert, which consist of a white chocolate mousse with raspberry drizzle in an edible chocolate cup. Note some food items may change without notice.

After dinner, guest can see the second part of the Titanic Museum which consist of the cargo bay area, the Boiler Room, the ship’s bridge, the deck, a Memorial Room, the Ice Burg, and finally, the gift shop. At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet again with the Titanic crew and guests. Ask any last questions before you depart.

After concluding your night, the gift shop has a lot of wonderful merchandise to take home with you. Some of these items cannot be found in retail stores. Some of the items on shelve are glassware, apparel, postcards, artwork, kids toys, and novelties items. If you forget to buy a Titanic souvenir there is an online gift shop to with a limited number of items. Go to www.thetitanicstore.com .

I highly recommend this dinning experience to locals and tourist alike. It is worth the value of what you get for your money. This tour not recommended for children eight and under. This attraction combines a museum with a gala dinning experience. Guests will come away with historical information along with memories of the Titanic.

The Titanic Gala Dinner is only offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the year. The Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is located on 7324 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. See ticket prices and other information on-line at http://www.premierexhibitions.com/exhibitions/3/41/titanic-artifact-exhibition/titanic-artifact-exhibition-orlando


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