A sneak peek at the Florida Gun Shows Orlando Event

Review written by a Staffer

Orlando, FL – Before this gun show takes place you might see some advertising for this gun show on TV, print, and in web ads. This gun show is open to all adults. It is recommended not to bring your children along and enjoy the fun day of browsing, buying, selling, and or trading, firearms of all makes and models along with accessories and much more. It does not matter if you are new or a seasoned gun owner visiting this show. You will learn a lot at this show. Be prepared to spend about four to five hours at this show. Plus, bring your cash and credit card for purchases.

When you arrive on property at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, you will want to park closest to the main entrance to the gun show. There is plenty of free parking, but arrive early. It is recommended to arrive one hour early to this show before the doors open. The line forms just about thirty minutes before the show starts. Admission is cash only. There are no loaded guns inside the show. Leave your ammo inside your vehicle. Law Enforcement and the gun show staff will check your weapon at the door. This is for anyone’s safety.

Once you have paid the admission don’t forget to sign up for the drawing for some guns the promoter is given away. Next, you will need to make a decision of what building to visit first. It doesn’t matter which building you will want to visit first. Inside theses buildings are rows and rows of vendors and private seller booths. It is always recommended to plan your day according to search for certain items you want to purchase. Some people may be overwhelmed with the amount of items are for sell. I know I was. So stick to your list.

Before buying a handgun at this gun show just remember that you either have to hold a concealed weapon license or wait 3 days to pick it up at a local dealer by you. This is a gun show, so you will see a large amount of firearms. All the firearms are unloaded and secured to the table for safety and theft. If you would like to hold one please at the booth vendor to he or she will kindly show you a particular firearm you are looking to purchase.

While browsing this gun show I checked into a new Glock 19 9mm, Generation 4 handgun. These prices were all over the place. The highest price I found were $625.00 and the lowest price was $530.00. These prices were gun show prices and not retail. So overall savings was $95.00 on the $530.00 gun. This gun is in demand and the vendor can command a high price. Prices may differ from retail to show. Watch out for some limited quantities on certain guns at the show. Once there gone, there gone!

At another vendor booth, I found one Super Show Special sign on the table. They were selling a compact Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 non-laser handgun for $289.99. Outside the show I found the MSRP price $419.00. So you will save $129.01. There are some great deals out there; you just have to browse the show for the best price. Sometimes you can negotiate on a better price if you don’t like the sticker price.

Another Super Show Special sign on the table that I found at another vendor booth was for the Smith & Wesson M & P 15 sports (AR-15) for $599.99 or $755.99 with optical laser sight. This is a basic model assault rifle without all the add-ons. Many dealers are pushing this assault rifle because of pending laws in the future. This depends on who gets into the White House next year. One vendor thought’s on this gun was it is a novelty item. Plus, the manufactures keep increasing the price because of demand. Many people like to assault rifle for many reasons. Some have used it for game hunting, target practice at the range. What people don’t know about this weapon is that the 223 Remington or 5.56 NATO bullets can be expensive.

After visiting the first building. One can take a break with a variety of food and drink vendors outside. I recommend getting sometime to eat and drink for the long day. There is a variety of food to choose from.

While browsing the many booths, you will notice bags of various size bags of ammo on the table. I found some have reloads ammo, which have been re-manufactured by either a company or by an individual. One vendor told me to stay away from reload ammo made from an individual. There is some reload ammo that maybe prone to having jamming issue inside your weapon. Beside of reloaded ammo, there are other new varieties to choose from.

After a long day at this gun show. I called it a day and I am looking forward to the next Florida Gun Shows in Orlando coming up soon. I highly recommend this gun show to anyone interested in firearms. The vendors are friendly; prices are fair on merchandise, and one can get all of their questions answered. Always remember to be a responsible gun owner and be informed on the current gun laws. For more information on the next Florida Gun Shows in Orlando go to: www.floridagunshows.com .



Central Florida Area Farmer’s Markets

Orlando, FL – If you’re looking to buy local products and services than check out your local farmers market in your area. There are many to choose from. These farmers markets are open year round on either Saturday or Sunday, but there are some that are open on other days of the week too. When you visit these markets they offer fresh produce, local farmers, local honey, baked goods, plants and flowers, handmade soaps & spa items, fine arts and crafts, vintage & collectable goods too. Plus, some farmers market have live musical entertainment while your shopping. Keep our economy grow. Buy local and support your small business owners.

These are a list of Central Florida Farmers Markets:

Windermere Farmer’s Market (Friday)

Saturday Farmers’ Market – Winter Park (Saturday)

Farmers Market – Lake Mary (Saturday)

Sanford Farmers Market (Saturday)

Winter Garden Farmers Market (Saturday)

Winter Springs Farmers Market (Saturday)

Orlando Farmers Market (Sunday)

Sweetwater-Wekiva Farmers Market (Sunday)


Maitland Farmers Market (Sunday)

The Monday Market at Lake Nona (Monday)

Please note there are many more out there in the Central Florida area.

2016 Preview of the FHSAA Variety Football Season

Orlando, FL – The high school football season is almost here for all you football lovers. There are many high school football games to attend this coming Fall. Support your local youth athletes while they reach for the stars. Not all of these athletes make it to college and to the pros. They need your support and be rising stars.

Most local high school football teams bring their community together. Just ask some of the residence of Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Sanford, Lake Mary, Dr. Phillips, and many more. When the community comes together, it makes a great Friday night event.

The FHSAA makes it possible for all student athletes with different backgrounds to have a chance to be on a team and play within the rules of the game. All teams get a fair shoot at being champions. The teams with the best winning records will end up playing for the FHSAA Championship game at Camping World Stadium in early December.

There are various websites who offer the 2016 FHSAA Boy’s Football Schedule for your local high school. These football games begin towards the end of August and end in late November with the winner playing in early December. Many high school football fans are wondering what are the teams to watch for this up in coming season. Check out each week for the highest ranked schools.

These are the teams to watch for:
Class 8A – West Orange (Winter Garden), Apopka, and Lake Brantley
Class 7A – Hagerty (Oviedo), Edgewater (Orl), and Ocoee

Check out the high school football game photos which will be published in a photo slide show on otownfun.com