A review on the Dominic Sansone Art Installation at SSC

Review written by Nathan Wertheimer

Sanford, FL – Having an art installation at Seminole State College Art Gallery is a rare opportunity for all to see, which has not happened, in such a long time at this college. Viewers are in for a special treat. This is not Dominic Sansone first art installation at an art gallery.

Background of Artist Sansone is that he is a native of Chicago Illinois and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and a Master of Fine Arts from the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. 

After completing his BFA studies, he spent two years working for an aerospace company producing fabrication and assembly drawings for satellites, military aircraft, and mobile artillery units. He next spent over a decade in the tradeshow industry and has overseen worldwide exhibition programs for major multinational corporations. Dominic has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions across the United States and he is represented by Baang + Burne in New York City and Fulton Market Gallery in Chicago. Dominic also teaches at the Evanston Art Center and the Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center.

When arriving on Seminole State College property to visit this new art installation, you will want to park closest to the Performing and Fine Arts Building. Parking is free. The college art gallery is open Monday thru Thursday 10am – 3pm and during intermission theater performances. This exhibition runs from August 25 – September 22, 2016.

Construction of piece of this art installation was not easy. Sansone had a select group of Fine Art Students assist him on installing this temporary art installation. This group had three day to prepare and complete the work of art. Sansone mentioned during the construction of the piece he did not know if the group could complete this piece within three days. They worked long hours to finish this concept and succeeded.

Upon entering Seminole State College Art Gallery, one will notice that there is one piece of artwork only. This one piece takes up almost the entire floor of the art gallery surrounded by white walls. At first you might not know what to make of it. It will appear to some viewers to be a reflective pool with an island on one of the sides housing a 7-foot high hut. Along the inside of the hut on the back wall is some disassembled firearm parts. Within the reflection pool are seven white-molded faces figures with military helmets, which appears coming up and out of the water.

The reflection pool does not have real water flowing through the art installation. The pool is made out of plastic and painted with black latex paint, which was still drying at the opening art gallery reception. Sansone said he would have like to have had real flowing water through this art installation but opted not too. Also, there are white-molded faces with military helmets created by a ceramic mold. The exterior hut structured is stucco attached with a variety of small ceramic white faces. 

The Sansone said that this piece was open to all different interpretations by the viewer. After this exhibition is over Sansone said the college would preserve some of the pieces within the art installation and use it for other uses at the college.

My first view of this art installation was wow! This is an amazing work of art. I really dig the reflection pool which reminds me of the reflection pool on the mall in Washington D.C. The overall theme was about violence in America. Whether it could be civilian or the military scene depicting the pain of violence. I highly recommend seeing his art exhibition.

The next Seminole State College Art Gallery featured artist is Robert T. Reedy. Opening reception is on Thursday, September 29, 2016 from 5-7pm. For more information go to: https://www.seminolestate.edu/arts/events/gallery

Note: Some information from Dominic Sansone came from his website at http://sans1studios.com/



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