Experience a UCF Football Game In-person in Orlando

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – College Football attracts many fans to stadiums around Central Florida and around our state. You don’t have to be a football fan to come to a game. It does not matter you’re a Gator, Seminole, or even a Hurricane Fan. The UCF Knights are an up in coming college football team. One should attend a game and see it for your self. You might be quite surprised.

Tickets are easy to come by. You can purchase them on-line at http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/2016/6/13/tickets-2016-football-season-tickets-html.aspx . If you don’t have a ticket before the game then check out the Brighthouse Network Stadium Box Office. There are only six UCF football homes games played in Orlando. So there is an opportunity to catch at least one game or all of the games.

Before coming to the game, decide where you want to park. It will make your day a little easier. There are some plenty of free parking Blue Zone lots are located in the northwest sector of campus. Parking is free and provided on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise designated. The Blue Zone includes Garage H located between the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center and the Lake Claire Apartments. For the closest parking near the stadium which are reserved parking by permit only. For more information on parking visit http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/2016/7/7/bhns-travel-and-parking.aspx

After you got your ticket you will want to tailgate with the UCF fans. Some of the fans tailgate in the parking garages, open area parking lots, and outside of the stadium. Besides the tailgating, there is a fan zone set up at each UCF football home games. For more information on fan experience visit http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/2016/7/11/bhns-stadium-info.aspx#new

Before entering the stadium at the security check point, just remember certain items are band from the stadium. Only small clutch purses and clear zip lock bags are a lot inside the stadium. For more information on what you can bring inside Brighthouse Network Stadium visit http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/2016/8/17/security.aspx

Once you’re in the stadium, they have many food vendors selling popcorn, hotdogs, hamburgers, and much more. Some fans stand around underneath the stadium chatting with other students, alumni, families, and friends. You never know whom you’ll run into at a game. I know I ran into a few people I knew.

While waiting for the football game to begin, both teams have players practice on the field and invite potential high school football players for met and greet with the head coach. This is the only opportunity during the day for the head coach to try to recruit some new football players to his team.

Behind the scenes, the media are prepare for the football game. The college takes good care of the media on assignment. The media have limitation while covering a game. Most people think that the media has an all-access media pass, which is not true. The media are not allowed in the player locker rooms. Photographers are only permitted to shot on the end zones and from the side of the twenty-yard line to the end zone. Some of the best plays are from the player running towards the end zone with the ball while being chased by the opposing team.

The fan experience at the game is very energetic. Many fans participate in chants. During the game, you might feel the stadium vibrate with fans stomping the floor. Some fans have called it the “bounce house.” After the first season at Brighthouse stadium, the University added more supports to the stadium because of the bounciness. The UCF supporter’s section is the loudest of out the rest of the stadium. I recommend bring earplugs for sensitive ears.

During the game the fans sure get into it. When the team makes a 1st down the P.A. announcing will say, “It is good for a UCF 1st down.” When UCF makes a touch down fire works go off behind outside of the stadium into the sky.

After the game, please pack your patience because traffic might be heavy for 30-40 minutes after the game ends. Law Enforcement will be directing traffic while vehicles are exiting out of the UCF campus. If you have any questions please contact the Brighthouse Stadium for more information.

For more information on the UCF Football team please visit

List of UCF Knight Football Home Games:

  • Sept 3, vs. South Carolina State
  • Sept 17, vs. Maryland
  • Oct 7, vs. Tulane
  • Oct 15, vs. Temple
  • Nov 12, vs. Cincinnati
  • Nov 19, vs. Tulsa



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