2016 Winter Garden Musicfest Review

Review Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Downtown Winter Garden, FL – After a long drawn out week, many people needed a break from Hurricane Matthew, so they head to the Winter Garden Musicfest. There was variety music to listen to at this festival. Plus, this festival is funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program.

The MusicFest is the only Music Festival that showcases a diverse collection of Central Florida’s finest musicians and expose the community their music styles. MusicFest boasts more than 20 different music genres that include: Country, Jazz, Blues, Americana, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blue Grass, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Classical, Opera, Musical Theater, Choral, R&B, Zydeco, Native American, Japanese, African, and Celtic.

Known for its quaint shops and great restaurants, historic downtown Winter Garden is the backdrop for the event. Thirty-one thousand year-round residents, bus loads of day visitors and seasonal guests fill the lovely downtown shops, streets and alleyways of this unique village in Central Florida, only 15 miles west of downtown Orlando.

When driving down to Winter Garden it is an easy trip from Orlando, Sanford, and or Kissimmee. Once you hit the city limits, you will feel like you’re in a small town. Finding parking is not a problem at this event. There is plenty of parking in the City’s Public Parking Garage located a few blocks from Plant Street. If you could not find parking there, there was more street parking in the area.

Before attending this event I recommend, printing a Musicfest to schedule your day with many concerts around Downtown Winter Garden area. All concerts are all within walking distance. Just make sure you have great walking shoes for comfort. Some music fans even bring folding chairs to the festival. Get there early a get your own front row seat. There are no pit areas in front of the stage. Plus, there are great photo and video opportunities to capture a band or singer performing.

In between the concerts, check out the many storefront shops and vendor booths. Some vendors have special music merchandise for sale. I found a wooden ukulele for $39.00 with many style to choose. Plus, a vendor had vintage high-end concert t-shirts too. This is just some of the many items for sell.

I had a chance to see a half a dozen bands and singers. The first singer I watched and listen to was John Lee Wyatt at The Tasting Room. Wyatt has performed all over the in the Central Florida area. His music style is a combination of Rock and County. He plays a mean acoustic guitar. Also, I had a chance to brief talk with Wyatt and he was very friendly. I ask him if he was ever on an American Idol Television Show and he said no, but thank me for the compliment. For more information on this musician go to http://www.facebook.com/JohnLeeWyatt/

The next artist I visited was singer Layla Brisbois at The Attic Door. Her singing style is Rock & Pop. Most of her song comes from the heart. She too played an acoustic guitar while singing solo. A fact about Brisbois is that she is the oldest one of seven kids in her family. Growing up music meant a lot to her. For more information on this musician go to www.laylabrisbois.com

These are just a few examples of many great talented local musicians who performed at this music festival. So mark your calendar for next year’s Winter Garden MusicFest 2017. For more information about this MusicFest go to http://wintergardenmusicfest.com/ .

Sources of Information from the Winter Garden MusicFest website.

Graphics courtesy by the Winter Garden Musicfest




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