Central Florida Citizen’s Police Academies

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – Have you ever wanted to be a cop or is interested in Law Enforcement? This is your opportunity to get an inside view about what goes on in a Law Enforcement agency. There are many cities and counties who provide a free Citizen’s Law Enforcement class, which is not for certification. Plus, this looks good on your resume too! Taking this class is a stepping-stone into Law Enforcement.

The class requirements are minimal. One have must pass a background verification test without major criminal conventions. An individual must have interest into learning about Law Enforcement. There are no fitness requirements because this is only a class and not a real police academy for certification. Many people who attend this class go on to real Police Academy because they have an urge to service and protect.

I have been to personally attend quite a few Citizens’ Law Enforcement Academies. Each Police agencies have different Law Enforcement class content. Plus, some agencies take a class to the gun range to try out the officer’s firearms and weapons. Some students have been given a chance to even fire a Tazer and or get tased. This is all voluntary in the class.

Besides learning in a classroom, there are some field trips taken to the aviation unit at the airport, courthouse, county jail, training facilities, and gun range. These places are rare opportunities for citizens to see Law Enforcement behind the scenes. One might be surprised what goes on.

After going through the entire class, there is a graduation ceremony and party at the end. Each student will receive a certificate of completion from that agency. The certificate is great for framing and to place on the in your home or office wall. Once you have completed one agencies Citizen’s Police Academy one will want to participate in more or become a volunteer with that Law Enforcement agency. Some agencies have Citizen Police Academy Alumni Club as a part of their Citizens Police Academy.

There is a lot of course content that is covered at one of many Citizens’ Police Academies. Here are is list of free Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academies:

Altamonte Springs Police Department – Citizen’s Public Safety Academy

Daytona Beach Police Department – Citizen’s Police Academy

Kissimmee Police Academy – Citizen’s Police Academy

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office – Citizen’s Academy

Orange County Sheriff’s Office – Civilian Police Academy

Orlando Police Department – Citizen’s Police Academy

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office – Community Law Enforcement Academy

Winter Garden Police Department – Citizen’s Police Academy

Winter Park Police Department – Citizen’s Police Academy

Finally, this is a great opportunity to see Law Enforcement behind the scenes for your self. These classes are taught throughout the year. Take advantage of this great learning experience. If you like this review article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great event content please check us out at www.otownfun.com



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