2016 Orlando Pride Parade Review

Written By: Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – This parade is an annual tradition in Orlando to show support for the LGBT community. Straight people were also are welcome to participate too. This is one unique parade in Downtown Orlando one should not miss.

Come out with Pride (COWP) started in 2005 and which has brought people together ever since the first events were held in Downtown Orlando. Around the United States there are seminar LGBT events like Orlando’s COWP. But Orlando was not the first city in America to have these types of events geared towards the LGBT community. COWP is usually held the first weekend in October.

This year’s parade was reschedule because of Hurricane Matthew and moved to the second weekend in November 2016. Many people watched and participated in the parade. There is a difference between the Pride Parade and the Florida Citrus Parade. The Florida Citrus Parade is geared towards college football along with their corporate sponsors. The Pride Parade revolves around the LGBT community and supports their causes. Both parade reflect a different experiences.

Parking in downtown was a little tight this year because there were few more events than normal. There is the Veteran’s Day Parade in the Morning and the Pride Parade and WMMO Downtown Concert Series starting at the same time. Most people arrived early for the best parking spaces in and around Downtown Orlando.

Many people look for the best places to sit and or stand for the parade. Certain areas of the parade route will have 5-10 deep full of people. The most crowded areas are the middle and end of the parade route around Central Blvd, Magnolia Ave, and Robinson Street.

There are many sights and sounds of the Pride Parade to take in. Some of the floats one saw were the Orlando Gay Chorus, The Center for LGBT, Orlando City Soccer Club, WFTV Channel 9, City of Orlando, Orange County, State and Local elected officials, Disney Volunteers, Universal Employees, Walmart, Target, Delta Airlines, T-Mobile, Watermark Publication, and much more.

Although the COWP Parade started at 4pm, it did not end until around 7:45pm at night. It started getting dark close to 5:45pm in Downtown Orlando. Not many floats had lights for the nighttime experience. It was more enjoyable during the daytime hours. Next year hopefully, they will move it back to 1pm in the afternoon. It is anticipated to have the same number of floats for year in October 2017. The crowds were excited to have the unique experience of this wonderful parade.

Finally, this is one parade you and your family will not want to miss. So mark your calendar down for October 2017. We hope to see you there. For more information go to www.comeoutwithpride.com

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Photos courtesy by icflorida.com









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