2016 Central Florida Aldis Supermarket Review

Written By: Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – If you’re a conscious consumer like myself, you will probably looking to save some money on your groceries. There is an alternative and this is where Aldis Supermarket comes in. I have compared other grocery chains and Aldis beats out the other competition. There are many reasons why I believe Aldis is the best grocery chain for the low to medium household incomes.

While driving down the Central Florida roadways you may spot and Aldis. There are many Aldi Supermarket locations in the Central Florida area. Aldi came into the market back around 2009 and have been going strong every since. What makes Aldi unique is the renting of a shopping cart for a quarter deposit. This cuts down on abundant of stray carts on and off their property. When you shop at Aldis don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags. One will need more than one bag. Plus, you’ll save some money because you will not have to purchase paper and plastic bags at the check out stand and you’ll be saving the environment in the process too.

When walking into the store with a shopping cart, you will notice that this grocery store is not a hug place to shop, but a more convenient place with a narrow selection of items with the best prices possible. The store has daisy products, fresh cut meats pre-packed, seafood pre-packed, fruits and vegetables, bake goods pre-packed, generic brands products, and some national brand products too.

This supermarket doesn’t have a regular Deli Department counter for sliced meats, Bakery Department counter, Meat & Seaford Department, a Pharmacy, and sometimes a gas station. Many people call this store a non-frills supermarket. Most of the stores are about the same size in space. Don’t expect Aldis to move items around the store so you have to look for them. These items are in the same location every time you enter the store.

When checking out at Aldi is sometimes hit or miss with the lines at the check stand. Most shoppers know the process when checking out at Aldis. Place all of your grocery on the conveyer belt at the check out stand. Next, place your empty shopping cart next to the cashier. The cashier will place every item you purchased into the cart. While the cashier is scanning every item you brought. The shopper must decide on a payment method for your purchases. They take cash, debt, and credit only. No personal checks are accepted. Once you leave the check stand now one has the fun task of bagging of all their items that they purchased and take it to the your vehicle. Once finished return the shopping cart and get your quarter deposit back and head home.

Once you shop at Aldis you will never look back at going to the other grocery store chains. Even though Aldis is a much smaller store than the average big grocery stores, one will save time and money.

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csm_121416-aldi_weeklyspecials_weeklyads_lp_desk_v01_3bc17d7955Photo courtesy by Aldi.us



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