Photo Tip Series – Photographing Festivals

PhotoTipSeriesGraphicsWritten by: Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I will be writing about is how to photograph local festivals. Depending on the festival some festivals frown upon people photographing at these events. Here are a list of festivals to check out like art festivals, cultural festivals, food festivals, and carnivals. All of these festivals are visually fun to photograph. You only need a camera with an 18-55mm lens and a 55-200mm lens only or a general 28-300mm lens. Plus, bring plenty of camera batteries and extra SD cards.

Art festivals are some of the most visual interesting subject to photograph. Most artists do not want the general public taking photographs of their work. You have to respect that. Some artists post no photographing signs at their booths. If you want to photograph one of their works please ask permission from the artist before photographing it. Beside the artwork, there are always free concerts on stage. You might be able to get some close-up near the stage of the entertainment performing live. This is your chance to photograph concert photography. There is not a big different between the high end and the low-end concert photographs. The low-end concert photography is easier to photograph and the singer and musicians already like the spotlight getting photograph while on stage. It makes a photographer job a little easier.

Cultural Festivals is another great opportunity to take photographs. One big local cultural festival is in Seminole County called the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games. There are no photo restrictions at this event. There are many things to photograph. I recommend bringing extra SD cards for your camera. Be mindful not to over step your boundaries at these games before you could get hurt.

Food Festivals are always great if you’re hungry. I recommend a small meal before coming to this event. Food festivals only give out samples for a small fee. Some of the many restaurants have booths displaying some of best work of art on a platter.

Carnivals and County Fairs are usually held in the spring and fall, which is a great time of year to be outside. There are many photo opportunities at a carnival or fair whether it is day or night. The daytime hours are the best time to get the fast rides, games, and out door shows. Beside the daytime, there is always the night for the lit up rides and vendor stands. It is recommended to bring a steady tripod for long exposure photography. Bracket your shots and choose the best ones later at home.

If you’d would like to see more examples of my photography go to and click on the “Slideshows” on the top menu. Thank you for reading this Photo tip Series and check back again for more Photography Tips in the future.

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