2016 Live Noel Production Produced By First Baptist Church of Longwood Review

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Longwood, FL – The First Baptist Church of Longwood produces a free live nativity production every year on the first and second weekends of the month of December. This was a great opportunity to see a unique presentation of birth of Jesus along with music and live drama. Many people brought their entire family out to see this free live Christmas entertainment and teaching moments. All faiths were welcome to attend.

Driving to the First Baptist Church of Longwood is located at 891 State Road 434 East, Longwood, FL 32750. The church is located in between State 17-92 and Warren Ave on State Road 434. There was plenty of free parking available.

Once you arrive and walk to the main building one was greeted by a village citizen that welcome attendees by says Shalom to all people before entering the building. Upon entering the building one will receive one gold coin to give to the guard in costume. Then one proceeds to the sanctuary to find a seat before the production starts. There is plenty of seating in the main sanctuary. The church ask the attendees to silence all cell phones and to refrain from shooting any video recording and or flash photography.

The production lasts about thirty to forty-five minutes. At the end of the production, the Rev. Eric Scholten, of First Baptist Church of Longwood, speaks for a minutes on stage about his church. Next, the audience is escorted to the village for an interactive opportunity to see what it was like back in these biblical times.

This interactive village market is a chance to get an up and close and personal what it would was like to live in these ages. Many people of today forget that they did not have the luxuries back then. Many attendees will have a chance to see how they made fresh baked bread in an old style bakery. One could even smell the fresh bread while it is baking. Next, they had a leather workshop. A master leather tech along with his assistant re-enacts how leather goods were made. Besides the leather goods they had fresh fruits and vegetable market stand. A lady at the fresh fruits and vegetable stand explains about her stand. Next, there is a clothing text style booth. One can see how they made and sewed many articles of clothing. Some children had an opportunity to take home a handmade doll with them. Another booth was the metal works stand. This stand had copper candle stands, platters, cooking utensils, and many other items too. Attendees asked many questions to the village citizens who were working.

After viewing the village, there is free hot coca and cookies for everyone to enjoy. The church produces this production every year for recruitment of new members to attend their church. No one is obligated to attend any church service. Overall, I highly recommend this venue to anyone who would like to be entertainment and seeing this great learning opportunity.

This year the production was held inside in the main sanctuary. For other reasons, normally the production would have been outside on the lawn in front of State Road 434. The entire Noel production is produced and directed by members at First Baptist Church of Longwood. For more information about the church go to www.fbclongwood.org . A photo slide of this year’s Noel production is located in the Holidays section on www.otownfun.com .

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