2016 Florida Citrus Parade in Orlando Preview

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – If you and your family have never seen a Florida Citrus Parade than now is your chance for this free entertainment opportunity. The Florida Citrus Parade coincides with the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Game. This parade is an annual event in Downtown Orlando. This year’s parade is held on Thursday, December 29, 2016, at 11am.

Before coming down to this parade these are some items you should bring. Depending on weather conditions bring a poncho and or jacket. For the best seat in the house bring your own comfortable folding chairs. It is not recommended to bring your pet to this parade. Your pet may not enjoy the many people and distractions in the area.

Parking will be very spotty in the Downtown area. There is no free parking for this event. Paid parking is offered on a first-come, first-served basis at various lots and parking structures near the parade route.  All “No Parking” areas and red curb zones remain off-limits, and vehicles in violation will be subject to impound and a fine.  There is no parking allowed on the parade route. Only parking garages and surface lot will be open for a parking fee. Parking fees will vary depending on location. Here are some recommended parking lots. Lot 9 – located at 57 South Hughey Avenue, under Interstate 4. Lot 10 – located at 81 North Hughey Avenue, near I-4 between Washington St. & Central Blvd. Garland Parking Lot – located at 109 West Pine Street. Church Street Garage – located at 150 South Hughey Avenue. Thornton Park Central Garage – located at 10 North Summerlin Avenue. Garage entrances are located on North Eola Drive and East Washington Street. For a more complete list of all available downtown area parking garages go to the City of Orlando website. Please be advised to lock your valuable away from plain sight inside your vehicle and to lock all vehicle doors before walking down to the parade.

It is advised to arrive about two hour before the start of the parade for the best selection of curbside seating and view point. There is grandstand-seating area with a paid ticket available, which is located at Lake Eola Park on Rosalind Avenue (between Central Avenue and Robinson Street). The grandstands open at 9:30 a.m. The Pre Parade Show will begin promptly at 10:00am. The parade will last about 2-3 hours depending upon the flow of the parade. The parade begins on Orange Avenue and Robinson Street and continues south on Orange Avenue, east on Anderson Street, then north on Rosalind Avenue. The parade concludes at Rosalind Avenue and Robinson Street. The route is 1.4 miles in length to complete.

While waiting for the parade to start one will encounter a few approved parade vendors selling carnival style merchandise at various prices. It is advised to remain seated while the floats pass you on their route as a courtesy for others enjoy the same viewing. Law enforcement will be in uniform and in plain clothes covering this event.

Some of the highlights in this year’s parade will be both LSU and Louisville marching bands, Disney characters, Universal Studios characters, a bunch of mascots, many corporate sponsor floats. Upwards of 3,000 participants take part in this year’s spectacular event. Some corporate floats may toss out from their float such as beads, t-shirts, and other items. Keep your eyes open so one does not get hurt.

Just a minder there is a spectator code of conduct, which all attendees must adhere to. Grandstand ticket holders will not be allowed to bring backpacks, coolers or large bags.
You must vacate the grandstands if you would like to smoke. Overnight camping is not permitted the night before the parade. Blankets, chairs, private coolers, must remain on the curb along the parade route. Tents, umbrellas, scaffolding, barbecues and alcohol are prohibited along the parade route. No items may be sold along the parade route without an official parade permit. Throwing any item onto the parade route is prohibited.
Vehicles obstructing emergency lanes will be towed. Walking in the street once the parade has started is not permitted. Public restrooms are located behind the grandstands and at Lake Eola Park.

The Florida Citrus Parade is a taped broadcast. The major part of the taping will be by the grandstand area. If you would like to see it on TV please check your local TV listings. The taping of the parade is edited down to fit into a TV time slot. No everything will be taped during the parade. Most of the highlights of the parade will be shown on TV. Other media outlets will be on assignment covering this parade as well too.

When the parade ends there will be heavy traffic departing the Downtown Orlando area. Please be patient while traffic gets back to normal. Many local businesses will be open for normal business hours. It is suggested to go eat a bite at one of the many local restaurants and pubs while the traffic thins out.

For more information on the Florida Citrus Parade go to www.floridacitrussports.com/event/florida-citrus-parade .

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Note: All written content and images are copy righted by the person and or company who wrote and photograph published for this article.



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