Altamonte Twin Peaks Restaurant Review

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL – On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at around 6:45pm, I stopped in for a bite at a Twin Peaks Restaurant. This place was crowded, but there was stillroom to get a table. What is unique about this place is the lady waitresses dressing in short outfits and the many television sets around the restaurant. Also, the food is great too. This restaurant is casual dinning.

At this restaurant parking is not an issue. There is plenty of parking available. When I walked into this restaurant I was greeted by a friendly hostess dressed in a bikini with a winter scarf around her neck. She escorted to me an open table. At each table around the perimeter of the restaurant have their own television sets.

On the day of my visit to this restaurant, I wanted to use a free birthday meal with a purchase of a beverage coupon. This meal does not include tip and taxes. How does one get a free meal like this? Well, go to and sign up for their email club. Once your information is processed one will receive weekly ads and special coupons via email. I highly recommend doing this if you frequent this restaurant.


Next, I check out the menu to see what I wanted. The cheeseburger caught my eye. This burger had American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard, and mayo. Also, the burger came with a side of French fries. These burgers are made to order. Choose everything or leave some items off of your burger. This meal was valued at $8.99 plus tax. The kitchen prepared this meal quiet fast. Once the meal was brought to the table it looks and ate it. I was quite tasty.


The waitresses at is place will make you feel at home. They are very friendly. Each time you walk into this restaurant they might be wearing a different uniforms. On this day they were wearing the snow bunny uniform along with a scarf around their neck with a knit cap. I asked the waitress how long they were wearing the same uniform. She replied back that they have multi uniforms they wear throughout the year.

If you would like more information on this restaurant please visit This restaurant location has been open for about a year and half now and is a franchise and is owned La Cima Restaurants. This location was a former TGI Friday’s Restaurant.


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