The 2017 Orlando Waves Basketball Team Has A New Home


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Kissimmee, FL – Say goodbye to the Kissimmee Civic Center, which was the former home to the Orlando Waves. Now the Waves have moved to the  Downtown Orlando Recreation Complex. The complex is located at 363 North Parramore Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801. It is fitting that the Waves are moving into the old Orlando Magic practice facility. The Magic has not used this facility since they moved to RDV Sportsplex back in the early nineties.

The final home game for the Waves will be on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at 7pm, right in Downtown Orlando. I encourage everyone to attend. Ticket prices are reasonable. They are $8 and $12 per ticket per game. Expect more excitement with communal sitting, allowing for closer interaction between fans and players. This is something the NBA has got away from. The ABA is all about the fan experience. When watching a game, one will see a faster pace basketball game with more heart and hustle. These players are trying to prove they belong in the NBA one day. Orlando Waves fans just love the vibe of this team.

Currently the Orlando Waves are 16-2 and are in second place in the Florida Division. Jacksonville Giants are 13-2 are in third place which is not far behind us. Come down a ride the wave with the Orlando Waves.

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2017 9th Annual Orlando’s Downtown Food and Wine Festival Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – The tradition continues as the Orlando foodies and wine lovers experience unique local cuisine paired with wines from around the globe at the 9th annual Downtown Food and Wine Festival. This festival is one of the largest in the Central Florida area food events. There are a variety of foods to choose from. Prices of food vary and are separate from admission. This venue is being held on the weekend of February 24 & 25, 2017, on Robinson Street at Lake Eola Park. Saturday festival hours are noon to 9pm and Sunday festival hours are noon – 7pm.

The location of this venue is in the heart of Downtown Orlando. There is limited metered street side parking near Lake Eola Park. More public and private parking garages are available throughout the downtown area. There is some free street parking in the residential areas, which are just a few blocks from this venue.

Upon arriving at this event one will notice a fence around this venue. The main gate is located on Robinson Street at North Eola Drive. There is an admission fee of $20-$115. It is recommended to buy your ticket on-line to save some time at the admission gate. Once you’re into this event check out all the unique food and wine booths. Some booths give out free samples of their best food creations.

So what types of restaurants will be attending you ask? There will be many different corporate and independent restaurants that have kitchens and booths set-up selling their best dishes from appetizers, main entree, and desserts. Here is a list of restaurant such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Java Lava Coffee Shops, Bulla Gastrobar, Your Pie, The Naked Cupcake, The Tipsy Cookie, Restaurant ASH, and much more.


Besides eating, this festival offers a variety of beverages to drink. Sip on coffee, wines, liquor, and other mixed drinks. Some of the areas best wineries are showcasing their drinks, which are Little Black Dress Winery, Castle Rock Winery, Fruits and Wine, Whispering Oaks Winery; Besco Del Sol. Attendee can buy a wine by the glass and or the bottle. Don’t forget to try a sample. Plus, there some unique special blend wines available. Don’t forget to bring your government ID. Staffers will be checking for underage drinkers.

Relax and enjoy some great entertainment while eating some food and drinks. It is recommended to bring a folding chair and or blanket to sit on the Lake Eola Park Northeast lawn. There is entertainment throughout the day. The headline music acts for Saturday evening at 8pm is Gavin Degraw and for Sunday evening at 5:45pm is KC and the Sunshine Band . Both singer and a band are well-known.


If you have never been to this event, just bring your family, friends, or neighbors, and join in on the fun. For more information on the Downtown Food and Wine Festival go to . Social media accounts are Twitter is @dtfoodwinefest, Instagram is dtfoodwinfest, and facebook is . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at .

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Photo Tip Series – Travel Photography


Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I will be writing about is travel photography. Most people like to travel and have a great time too. What better way to remember your experience than to have a collection of personal photographs? Photos can be cherished for a lifetime.

Before heading out on out trip here are some tips. First, don’t pack all your photography gear to take with you. One only need a limited number of photography gear. I recommend bring just one camera with two lenses only. The two lenses I recommend to bring are a 28-300mm lens and a 12-24mm lens. These two lenses will help one have fun while photographing your experience. The 28-300m lens is a general purpose all around lens. Next, the 12-24mm lens is the best wide-angle lens used for close up and in very tight places. Another item to bring is either a monopod and or a tripod. This depends on the subject matter you are taking. The monopod and or tripod can be packed in your luggage bag. Another item one will want to add to your camera bag is a Speedlight flash which is great in low light situations. Please note that not all places let tourists take flash photography. Ask before photographing.

Before leaving home for your vacation, it is recommended to conduct research on the places one is visiting. Check to see what photos other people have taken. This will give you an idea what people have photograph in the past and to try to improve on there inspired images. Look for places people are not photographing it. One may have an exclusive image.

The next thing one needs to think about is how to carry your camera gear. There are a few different options. One is buy or use a plain non-discreet backpack. Many camera manufactures have their own brand labeled on their camera bags. One should not be advertising to the world what type of camera gear one owns. If you have one of these bags, I recommend removing the outside brand label. If you’re looking for a professional photographer traveler’s camera bag go to a photography retail shop and check out a large selection of camera bag. Some camera bags maybe expensive. One bag does not fit all. One must decide how much gear one wants to pack for a trip. Remember to keep it simple.

Depending on where one is traveling too, it is always best to be safe. While traveling over seas, it is recommend taping up the brand name on your camera along with the model number too. There are thieves out there looking for certain brand cameras and models. This technique will deter them. Someone might approach one on the street and they ask type of camera it is. It is suggest not to provide any information to people out on the streets you don’t know. They might be casing you. So please be on guard at all times.

When traveling thru airport and cruise port security checkpoints, Security Officers may inspect your equipment at any time. Be prepared to have your camera bag inspected and or questioned by Security. Have your camera gear organized and stood properly inside your camera bag. This will made for an easy security screening. If your taking film on board an aircraft have security hand check your film. If one lets the film go through an x-ray security machine this may cause damage to your new and or used film. It is best to read the posted sign on what items should not go through a security x-ray machine.

Do your research on local laws on where travelers are allowed to photograph. In the United States, one is allowed to photograph on public sidewalks and right of ways. When photographing on private property is it wise to get permission first from property owner and or management before photographing. When ask to leave on private property by an employee and or management obey their directive. If not, one has a chance to be trespassed by law enforcement.

When out on location these are a few techniques one can use. If your riding in the car in the passenger side, roll down your window and take photos in places where one cannot stop. This is a very good technique for downtown areas. It is not wise to shoot through the car’s glass windows because reflection will show up in your photos. Some places one will want to stop and take a better photo outside of your vehicle.

Other things that might affect your photos will be the time of day one photographs at. Most of the time, one will not have a choice on what time of the day to photograph with. For dark places, it is wise to use a Speedlight flash. Some places may not allow flash photography. This is where a tripod comes in handy. One can use a tripod for long exposures. One may want to consider using a cable release on their camera on a tripod for the long exposures.

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The Physicists Play at Seminole State College Review

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Sanford, FL – This is a play based on comic satire and drama in the life of modern times. Johann Wilhwelm Mobius, is in a madhouse, haunted by recurring visions of King Solomon. He is kept company by two other quality-deluded scientists; one who thinks he is Einstein, the other who believes he is Newton. Are they, in fact, really mad? You’ll just have to wait and see.

When arriving on Seminole State College property to visit Harriet Theater at the Center for Fine and Performance Arts, you will want to park closest to the Performing and Fine Arts Building. Look for signs direction drivers to the theater. Parking is free. Then look for the G-building, which has a brick exterior. There are multi-able entrances. Once inside the building look for the bright Harriett’s Theatre sign hanging from the ceiling. There is a box office to the right-side of the sign. Play ticket prices are $10 for individuals; $8 for seniors and non-Seminole State students; free for faculty, staff, and currently enrolled Seminole State students.


Here is a list of characters in this play. Doctor Matilda Von Zand, Oscar Rose, Monika Stettler, Police Insepctor Voss, Fau Lina Rose, Adolf-Friedrich, McArthur, Herbert George Beutler, Murillo, Police Doctor, Wilfred-Kaspar, Marta Boll, Johann Wilhem Mobius, Blocher, Uwe Sievers, Guhl, and Jorge-Lucas. Between some of the characters there is a bunch of drama. The main character is Modius. One should note that these are college students that are producing this play. These are not seasoned actors and actresses.

The scene is set in the drawing –room of a villa belonging to the private sanatorium known as Les Cerisiers. The set design was well done. This set was portrayed in the 1960’s. In the middle of the set there is a large couch which some of the action takes place. There are three black wooden doors, which characters come out of these rooms. Inside of these rooms are bedrooms. Off to the left side is a glass French door that is used as a main entrance door.


I had a chance to see the first act of the dress rehearsal on Thursday, February 9, 2017. The first act starts on an afternoon in November. There was a bunch of drama in the first act of this play. The play starts out with a murder of a nurse on the wooden floor of the living area. Then a Police Doctor and Police Inspector come onto the crime scene where the nurse is found dead on the floor.

During the play, one will notice the dramatic lighting when certain scenes that happen. At the end of the first act, Modius strangles the female nurse. The dramatic red lighting hit them both. One can even see the silhouettes of the characters against the wall from the red light. When the lights go out for intermission. There is a fifteen-minute intermission between acts.

During the 15minutes intermission of this theater performance, the Art Gallery admission is free to visit, but they kindly ask for any kind of monetary donation to keep the college art gallery open and running strong.

Some of the props used in this play are an ashtray, cigar and cigar box, wine & a wine glass and an ambulance gurney. Also some of the furniture was used a props too. In one scene Modius turns the coffee table and side tables up side down. At one point in the play, Moduis sits on the upside down side table. This made for a dramatic scene on which Modius went mad. This was one of the exciting scenes.


Overall, I extremely enjoyed this play. I was quite impressed on what I saw. There was never a dull moment in the story line. The cast should be commended for doing a great job. I did not have a chance to see the second act of the play. This dress rehearsal went very smoothly. This is a must see play at SSC. If you have never seen a play at SSC please come on down and catch a play for yourself or family. Ticket prices are very reasonable. The next college play at SSC is entitled Marcus, or the Secret of Sweet.

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2017 City of Orlando Blue B-Q Preview

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Downtown Orlando, FL – Would you love some great BBQ and great live music, and this is the place to be on this weekend? Then come on down to this event is held on Saturday, February 18, 2017, from 4pm to 10pm. Located between Orlando City Hall and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. This event is free and everyone is welcome.


In previous years this event has always been packed with people. Arrive early to secure your place to watch the Fabulous Thunderbirds live and in person. What make this event great are the various styles of BBQ and the live band on stage. These two combinations are what make the Blues B-Q a great event in Central Florida. Parking for this event are scattered through Downtown Orlando. There are many public and private parking garages to park for a fee. Sorry, no free parking near event.

In the year’s past there have been some great headline singers and bands. Some of the music artists are Keith Sweat, The Band War, and many more. This year’s headline band is The Fabulous Thunderbirds band. They are known for Blues Rock, Texas Blues, and Southern Rock. The band formed in 1974 in Texas. Some of the members of the band are Kim Wilson, Johnny Moeller, Jimmy Vaughan, Duke Robillard, Preston Hubbard, Kid Ramos, Keith Ferguson, and Nick Curran. Some of their album are Girls Go Wild, Live, T-bird Rhythm, Butt Rockin. From some of these albums here are some of there hit songs such as Tuff Enuff, Why Get Up, Rock This Place, and much more.

dsc_4377_modPhotos courtesy by

Besides the band, they will have great BBQ food and other tasty dishes too. How do you like your BBQ cooked. Some like it chopped and shredded. Plus, there are many BBQ styles such as Florida, Texas, Carolinas, and Kentucky. BBQ is home to the Southern States. Prices will vary depending on vendor. Most vendors take cash and a few take credit cards.

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Cheap Eats – Altamonte Springs Dominos

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL – Are you hungry for pizza? Not just any pizza. Try Dominos with their all-natural ingredients made fresh pizzas to order. Unlike the other pizza chains out there who have fresh frozen pizzas.

On Monday, February 13, 2017, in the middle of the afternoon, I stopped by the 532 West State Road 436 location in Altamonte Springs. When I walked in the door I was greeted. I told the Dominos cashier that I saw their Customer Appreciation Party special flyer. The flyer listed a one large 2 –topping pizza for $5.99 each. This deal is valid for carryout and or order 3 or more for delivery at this location only. Get this special from February 13-19, 2017. Have this order code present when order #9159.


Next, I ordered a large pepperoni pizza to go. Unlike the other pizza chains where the pizza is already made and ready to go out the door, not so with Dominos. Once I paid for my pizza they started making it write away. My order total was $6.41 with tax.

The Dominos employee said that he is timed to prepare the pizza in thirty second or less. So I put him to the test. Dominos hand tosses their pizza dough. Next, they flatten the pizza and make sure it is round. Then they put the pizza underneath the cheese funnel device to measure the right amount of cheese onto the pizza. Next, they place the pizza in the oven for 6 to 8 minutes. Once the pizza is finished baking, it is time to cut the pizza into halves then boxed up ready to go. They also added some garlic butter to the pizza crust very lightly.

While waiting on my pizza, the Dominos employees were filling me in on the difference between Dominos and other chains. They were proud to say they have all-natural ingredients on all of their pizzas. Plus, their dough is never frozen.

It has been a while since I had a Dominos pizza. I could not wait to get it home and eat a slice right away. The first bite did not taste like the old Dominos I knew. People used to called their pizza taste like cardboard. This is not so for the new Dominos ingredients. I was quite surprise by the interesting taste. The bottom of the pizza was golden brown. It was not burnt and or under baked. There was plenty of pepperoni on my pizza. I thought the pizza crust tasted like real garlic butter. Overall, I give this pizza two thumbs up!

After visiting this Dominos location and eating one of their pizzas, I highly recommend this pizza chain for all the reasons above. It is worth the drive or call for delivery. You get what you pay for. A cheaper pizza is not always a better pizza. For more information on Dominos please visit .

dominoscustapprepartyaltsprglrAdvertisement courtesy by Dominos Altamonte Springs

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2017 8th Annual Northwestern Mutual Chili Cook-Off in Orlando Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – The Northwestern Mutual Chili Cook-Off is one of the largest cook-off events in the Central Florida area, which raises money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. What makes this event unique is that there is much to see, do, and taste. Plus, watching the tough chili-eating competition. This event is held on Saturday, February 18th, 2017, from 12pm -6pm, at Festival Park in Orlando, near the Orlando Executive Airport.

When driving down to this event there will be limited parking on Festival Park property. But there is parking available for a fee about a block away at a few area businesses. For the best parking spaces get there early because it fills up fast. If you can’t find parking park near by park head to the Fashion Square Mall where there will be shuttle buses going to and from this event. Check the event website for more parking options.

During the pervious year’s event it was hit or miss with the weather. It is recommended to bring a poncho, folding chair, and dress comfortably. Plus, don’t forget the your camera. There’ll be so much to take in. Your family pets are not allowed at this venue, but service animals are always welcome.


It is recommended to arrive hungry to this event. One will be sampling from many different flavors and recipes of cooked chili from about 100 booths. Not all the chili tastes the same. Some of the ingredients inside the chili are spices, cooked meat chunks, a variety of beans. Plus, these booths have added their own secret ingredients too. If you’re looking some for hot chili, they also have some of that too. Spicy chili is upon requested because not a lot of people like hot and spicy chili. Some people get heartburn after eating all the samples that their heart desires. Don’t forget to pack the over the counter heartburn medication for yourself and or family. There will be some lines wait in to get some samples of chili from many booths. Please be patient and wait your turn in line.

If you’re interested in showcasing your chili at this year’s event. You and your team can register before hand and pay a registration fee at . Any questions please contact


Besides tasting chili, there are other activities to see and do. There is also a massive kid’s zone, capture memories in the Paparazzi zone, live entertainment, and see the World Chili Eating Challenge. There are a number of musical acts that perform live on the main stage. Every year they have some local bands to get this party started. The crowds’ rock and dance to these tunes throughout the day of this event.

The main event at this event is the World Chili Eating Challenge. This is a food-eating contest that is sanctioned by the Major League Eating & International Federation of Competitive Eating. Some of the past winners were Joey Chesnut, Miki Sudo, and many more. Theses eating record holders will be back to try to win this year’s contest. The general public has a chance to enter into this eating contest too. Go to for more information. Very few are selected to compete in this competition.

At the end of the day winners will be awarded in various Chili Cook-Off categories. Some of these winners go on to other major chili cook-off events. The Great Orlando Northwestern Mutual sponsors this event. For more information go to or .

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