2017 Battle of Townsend’s Plantation in Mt. Dora Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Mount Dora, FL – If you have never seen an American Civil War re-enactment, you’re missing out on the history, the culture, and much more. Now is your chance to see, hear, smell, and live a Civil War re-enactment. The battlefield is at Rennigners Twin Markets in the backside forest area. This year’s battle is held on February 4 & 5, 2017. Times vary so check the event website for Saturday’s or Sunday’s schedule information.

Driving to Renningers Twin Market in Mount Dora is a short drive from Orlando. Once you here Mount Dora going north on US Highway 441, Renningers is on the right side when you hit the City Limits of Mt. Dora. When you drive onto the property of Renningers in Mt. Dora you will notice two buildings one on the North and one on the Southside. Drive on a path between both buildings until you see rows of cars parked for the Civil War Festival.

There are many sights and scenes from the Battle of Townsend’s Plantation. These soldiers are professional re-enactors. They dress in heavy cotton battle dress uniform back in these days. One will see the Union Soldiers verse the Confederate Soldiers squaring off in a heated battle. Most re-enactor soldiers use replica weaponry. They do fire dumpy rounds and sound like the real thing. No one dies on this battlefield from a bullet wound. Once in a blue moon there is a real medical emergency on the battlefield. This is when the re-enactment stops to tend to a person who is need of medical attention. There are fake medical scenes on the battlefield. The Promoter from this event wants attendees to get a feel of what was like back then.

When walking through the gates of the Battle of Townsend’s Plantation, you will notice many civil war era tents with merchandise and historical artifacts. Some Civil War merchandise are reproductions. Most vendors take cash but a few may take credit cards. There are some unique items you cannot buy in any stores. Some items are hand made.


On the battlefield, there are a few cannons set-up on display and used on the Civil War Re-enactment. You are welcome to view these cannons and other items on display before the battle starts.

For a good seat of the Civil War re-enactment battle come early to reserve your spot and don’t bring a folding chair or blanket to sit on. Another item I recommend bring is earplugs and or noise canceling earmuffs. Some parts of the battle have guns and canons going off. It is not recommended to you’re your dog to this Civil War Battle because of loud noises might frighten your dog.

During the Civil War Re-enactment Battle, the battlefield is block off for the safety of the general public so the Union Soldiers and Confederate Soldiers can move around. A long the viewing area you will see up and close action of how the soldiers found one anther. It is unknown who will win the battle. This is decided behind closed tents before the battle re-enactment. Just remember to bring your camera to get some good Civil War photos

At the end of the battle, there is a meet and greet with all of the Civil War Re-enactors. Plus, some of the wounded soldiers that are taking to the triage area with the hospital tent to get some medical treatment. A warning to all spectators who watch this battlefield surgery, there are scenes of blood and body parts getting amputated. This may not be suited for small children to see.

After seeing everything this event it will conclude a long and fun day. For more information on this event go to: www.battleoftownsendsplatation.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .


Note: All written content and images are copy righted by either by the person and or company who wrote and photograph published for this article. Any questions please contact Otownfunnow@gmail.com .

Note: Photos are courtesy from icflorida.com



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