2017 Cupid Undie Run – Orlando Preview

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Downtown Orlando, FL – Have you ever wanted to run in your undies? If you said, yes then come on down to Elixir for all the fun and excitement. Elixir is located at 9 West Washington Street, Orlando, FL 32801. This venue is held on Saturday, February 11, 2017, starting at 12pm. This is not a unique event. There are other cities in the US who participate like this event too.

There is very little free parking in downtown Orlando. It is best to find meter parking when available at the street side for a fee. Plus, there are several public and private parking garages available to park your vehicle. Or take other transportation down to this event.

Once you arrive at the Elixir, go to the back of the building where you will find a fenced off area and main entrance to venue. Cupid’s is a party plus a one mile run and or walk at your own pace along with more party. Wearing your undie is not a requirement. If your brave to wear your undie then go for it and have a great time. The run will start at Elixir and go around Lake Eola Park and back to Elixir. Law Enforcement is on hand to direct traffic. There are no prizes for those who come in first place. Just remember this is a fun run and walk event.

Here is the run down of this event. Doors open and the party starts at noon. Plus, bag check-in begins. Next, at 1pm is the awards ceremony. Then at 2pm is the undies run and or walk begins. The party still continues till 3:30pm where the open bar closes. Checked bags need to be retrieved by 4pm and Cupid’s undies run party official ends for the day.

This fundraising event is trying to raise $88,00 towards to fight neurofibromatosis. So get your office team together or just bring yourself and get down to this super fun event. What is Neurofibromatosis or NF? It s a group of three conditions in which tumors grow in the nervous system. The three types are neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), and schwannomatosis.[1] In NF1 symptoms include light brown spots on the skin, freckles in the armpit and groin, small bumps within nerves, and scoliosis. In NF2 there may be hearing loss, cataracts at a young age, balance problems, flesh colored skin flaps, and muscle wasting.[2] The tumors are generally non cancerous. This information was found on Wikipedia. Many people come out to this worthy cause to help fight NF. There is still time to sign up early. However, walk up registration is available too.

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Photos courtesy by icflorida.com

Sources of Information from the http://www.cupidundierun.org  and http://www.wikipedia.org



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