Restaurant review at Wahlburgers in Orlando

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Downtown Orlando, FL – When Wahlburgers opened last Spring in Orlando this was the place to eat. And now is still the place to eat. Wahlburgers is located on the 1st floor of the Suntrust Building on the corner at 200 South Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801. Look for the round two-tone green and white “W” sign attached to the side of the building. Many people have raved about this place so I decided to give it a try.

Parking for this restaurant might be a challenge. There is no free parking for this restaurant near the building. The other alternative is the public and or private parking garages for a fee. Sorry, no street side parking and or drive-thru at this location. It is only a short walk anywhere in the Downtown area.

I had some downtime in Orlando so I decided to dine-in for lunch at Wahlburgers in the late morning on Saturday, February 11, 2017. Upon entering this restaurant you will be greeted by a friendly hostess. The hostess told me that I have two options, which are fast causal or dining service. I opted for the fast casual because I needed to eat and run to head to another event in Downtown Orlando.

The dinning areas are separated. When I looked around inside the restaurant, I noticed the bright green aluminum chairs at the wooden tables. This location has a lot of natural light going through the large windows during the day. There are a few posters related to this restaurant on the wall. In the back of the restaurant is a bar area. There is plenty of seating around the bar area.

Once I walked up to the counter one is greet by a friendly cashier and order taker. At first I did not know what I wanted for lunch. She said, check the menu on the wall above my head. Then the cashier gave me a paper menu. I searched the menu for what I wanted. I settled for one of the house burgers called “The Our Burger.” The Our Burger is a 1/3 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, “government” cheese, Paul’s Signature Whal Sauce & housemade pickles for $7.50. I told the cashier to please put Paul’s Signature Whal Sauce on the side. I did know if I would like their special sauce. They also ask you how you like the burger cooked. I told them well done. Also I added a side Yukon Gold Fries for $3.35. To drink all I got was tap water. The total bill was $11.45. Next, the cashier handed me a vibrate device to let me know the food would be ready when called.

There is also a kids menu with a variety of meal options. On the Kids menu they have Grilled Cheese, Smahulburgers, Chicken Fingers, Kids Mac ‘n Cheese, and Kids Hot Dog. There is more than just burgers. They have Sandwiches, Fresh Salads, Macaroni, Chili, and Sloppy Joe’s. Plus, there are desserts too. They are noted for their Mini Cupcakes and Grilled Banana Fluffanutta.

Next, I went and found a table near the window for the best view in town. Before you knew it my food was ready. The kitchen cooked the meal within three minutes. Then vibrate device went off and went to the counter to get my food. The food was placed on a cream colored serving tray along with a metal basket with the burger and the fries came in a small round cardboard cup. Next, I gathered some packages of ketchup and mustard.

Finally, I was able to dig into my first burger at Wahlburgers. It was quite tasty and it had a lot of flavor. The special pickles stood out the most. Next, I tried the fries. They were very plain. I added some pepper to give it some more flavor. I even tried Paul’s Signature Whal Sauce on the side by my fries into the sauce. The sauce was not that bad. It was not spicy at all. The sauce kind of reminded me of McDonald’s Big Mac special sauce a little bit.

Once I finished my meal, I cleaned the table and deposited it into the trash. Just reminder, please don’t leave your trash on the table for someone else to pick up. This is fast casual and not dinning service. Before I left the restaurant I was able to ask a few questions from the hostess. I asked how many Wahlburgers restaurants there are. She replied there are only ten current locations. She also mentioned there was a new location by Waterford Lakes in East Orlando that just opened. Another question I asked was what is the number one found food item people get when they come to this restaurant. She said, most people order the Our Burger when they come in.

My overall experience was super. I highly recommend this restaurant if your in the downtown area on business and or for an event. The average meal and drink can range from $11.00 to $15.00. Their slogan is Chef inspired creations; friends meet family, making you happy, makes us happy.

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