Photo Tip Series – Travel Photography


Written by: Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I will be writing about is travel photography. Most people like to travel and have a great time too. What better way to remember your experience than to have a collection of personal photographs? Photos can be cherished for a lifetime.

Before heading out on out trip here are some tips. First, don’t pack all your photography gear to take with you. One only need a limited number of photography gear. I recommend bring just one camera with two lenses only. The two lenses I recommend to bring are a 28-300mm lens and a 12-24mm lens. These two lenses will help one have fun while photographing your experience. The 28-300m lens is a general purpose all around lens. Next, the 12-24mm lens is the best wide-angle lens used for close up and in very tight places. Another item to bring is either a monopod and or a tripod. This depends on the subject matter you are taking. The monopod and or tripod can be packed in your luggage bag. Another item one will want to add to your camera bag is a Speedlight flash which is great in low light situations. Please note that not all places let tourists take flash photography. Ask before photographing.

Before leaving home for your vacation, it is recommended to conduct research on the places one is visiting. Check to see what photos other people have taken. This will give you an idea what people have photograph in the past and to try to improve on there inspired images. Look for places people are not photographing it. One may have an exclusive image.

The next thing one needs to think about is how to carry your camera gear. There are a few different options. One is buy or use a plain non-discreet backpack. Many camera manufactures have their own brand labeled on their camera bags. One should not be advertising to the world what type of camera gear one owns. If you have one of these bags, I recommend removing the outside brand label. If you’re looking for a professional photographer traveler’s camera bag go to a photography retail shop and check out a large selection of camera bag. Some camera bags maybe expensive. One bag does not fit all. One must decide how much gear one wants to pack for a trip. Remember to keep it simple.

Depending on where one is traveling too, it is always best to be safe. While traveling over seas, it is recommend taping up the brand name on your camera along with the model number too. There are thieves out there looking for certain brand cameras and models. This technique will deter them. Someone might approach one on the street and they ask type of camera it is. It is suggest not to provide any information to people out on the streets you don’t know. They might be casing you. So please be on guard at all times.

When traveling thru airport and cruise port security checkpoints, Security Officers may inspect your equipment at any time. Be prepared to have your camera bag inspected and or questioned by Security. Have your camera gear organized and stood properly inside your camera bag. This will made for an easy security screening. If your taking film on board an aircraft have security hand check your film. If one lets the film go through an x-ray security machine this may cause damage to your new and or used film. It is best to read the posted sign on what items should not go through a security x-ray machine.

Do your research on local laws on where travelers are allowed to photograph. In the United States, one is allowed to photograph on public sidewalks and right of ways. When photographing on private property is it wise to get permission first from property owner and or management before photographing. When ask to leave on private property by an employee and or management obey their directive. If not, one has a chance to be trespassed by law enforcement.

When out on location these are a few techniques one can use. If your riding in the car in the passenger side, roll down your window and take photos in places where one cannot stop. This is a very good technique for downtown areas. It is not wise to shoot through the car’s glass windows because reflection will show up in your photos. Some places one will want to stop and take a better photo outside of your vehicle.

Other things that might affect your photos will be the time of day one photographs at. Most of the time, one will not have a choice on what time of the day to photograph with. For dark places, it is wise to use a Speedlight flash. Some places may not allow flash photography. This is where a tripod comes in handy. One can use a tripod for long exposures. One may want to consider using a cable release on their camera on a tripod for the long exposures.

I wish everyone happy photography to you. Thank you for reading this Photo Tip Series and check back again for more Photography Tips in the future. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please visit us at .

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