2017 Melbourne Air and Space Show Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Melbourne, FL – If you have never been to an air show before now is your chance. This is one of the best airshows around in Central Florida area. Mark your calendar for April 1 & 2, 2017. Gates open at 9am and close 5pm. Experience the time of your life at this venue.

While at home planning your airshow day adventure, there are some items to bring. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses / goggles, a hat, comfortable cloths, poncho, blanket, folding chairs, earplugs / ear muffs, a photo/video camera, and great walking shoes. It is recommended not to wear sandals. One will be doing a lot of walking at this event. An added reminder to wear pants because of the various winds and sand may kick-up at anytime on the flight line and in other areas too.

Traveling from Orlando to Melbourne is just about a two-hour drive. It is worth the ride down to this air show. Get your GPS for the best travel route down to Melbourne International Airport. Expect heavy traffic going to and from the air show in the Melbourne area. Look for signage around the airport for available parking for the airshow. Some parking lots are pre-paid ahead of time. Visit the air show website for more information. It is recommended to arrive early for the best parking spaces available. Once they fill up you’ll be parking further from the air show entrance and a long walk to and from your vehicle.

Once you arrive at the front entrance, you’ll see a ticket table. It is best to purchase your tickets online for the VIP Flight Line, Photographers Pass row, and much more ahead of time. Some of the special VIP ticket packages have been sold out. Check website for availability. General Admission tickets are still available. Next, all attendees will be going thru a security checkpoint. Please check the air show website for items to bring to the air show. Some items maybe prohibited. Big bags and purses may not be allowed.


There will be a bunch of military and civilian static jets and helicopters on display on the tarmac. There are great photo opportunities to get up close photo to most of the aircrafts. Note some aircrafts are roped off and others you’ll be able to touch and walk-thru. Some attendees may have a chance to ask questions to the pilots standing by his or her aircraft. Many of the military pilots will be available for questions too. Some branches of the US Military will have recruiting booths at this air show.

The best part of the airshow is the aircrafts flying the sky. You’ll want to pre-plan where one can catch all of the action. Sitting on the fence line is not always the best spot to view the aircraft from. Unless you’ll be photographing the aircraft on the ground while they taxi. It is recommended to be in the middle of the airshow. Some attendees may experience neck strain while watching these aircrafts. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses / goggles.

As a Photojournalist, I recommend bring just one camera with two lenses. Don’t worry if you don’t have a super long lens like the pros do. The lenses I recommend bring is a 70-300mm telephoto lens, and a 18-55mm lens. Or bring an all-purpose lens such as the 28-300mm lens. You’ll be using the 70-300mm lens for the air show in the sky and the 18-55mm lens for the static aircraft displays. Another option is to bring an external Speedlight flash for photos inside some of the aircrafts.


If your hungry at the air show there will be a variety of food vendors. Prices will vary depending on what you order. The food menu items are hamburgers, chicken, pizza, pretzels, and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, and much more. It is not recommended to consume a lot of alcoholic while on a hot day on the hot tarmac. An individual may become sick with drinking an excessive amount of alcohol while in the sun. Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated at this airshow.

The special feature everyone wants to see at this airshow is the US Air Force Thunderbirds. These Red, White, and Blue F-16 Fighting Falcons will give attendees a spectacular show one has never seen before. Expect to see rolls, supersonic speed, low flight overs, a flyover delta formation, and much more. This squadron is comprised of eight F-16 jets. Plus, there is a crew of US Air Force Airman on the ground that supports these pilots in the air. The breakdown of this squadron is 12 Officers and 120 Enlisted Support Personnel.

Some of the other aerial performers are the T-33 & Greg Coyle, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-18 Super Hornet Demo, Geico Skytypers, Socom Para-Commandos , Kent Pietsech, B-25 Panchito, and Patrouille De France. Find a good spot and watch all these aerial acts from 12pm to 4pm. Most of these aircrafts will perform many stunts that are synchronized to music. One might even here the Danger Zone song being played. Each air show is different every year.


Sorry, no pets allowed at this airshow. Service animals are welcome, but please be advised that the service animals may be distracted with the noise and other many things while at this event. Also, no smoking is allowed at the air show grounds. For other questions please visit the air show website. Please visit www.airandspaceshow.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

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Photos courtesy by icflorida.com

Source of information from airandspaceshow.com





2017 28th Annual Spring Fiesta in the Park in Orlando Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – It is now that time again to enjoy spring with Orlando’s bi-annual Fiesta in the Park at Lake Eola Park and Robinson Street. This event runs from April 1 & 2, 2017, from 10am – 5pm. The Fiesta in the Park Committee along with a group of volunteers and sponsors come together to help produce this annual event to support the Greater Orlando area. This event is FREE and open to all families, adults, and children.

The Fiesta in the Park Committee’s mission is to bring family and pet friendly arts and entertainment to Downtown Orlando each Spring and Fall season, while promoting local urban development in the City of Orlando and through the Orlando Community & Youth Trust.

If driving a vehicle in downtown Orlando going to this event. Parking is very limited around Lake Eola Park. There are public and private parking garages that are available for a fee. If you’re looking for free parking park, there is some in the residential area, which is a short walk to this venue. It is recommended to arrive early at the beginning of this event. Crowds tend to peak in the middle to the end of the day.


Bring your family down for a fun filled day at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. There are plenty of activities to see and do. Take in the various fine artists and crafters booths on displaying their handmade works of art. This is a juried art show and awards are given out on Sunday for the top artists. If good music is your thing than check out the WMMO radio station with local singers who will be performing live on the small stage. If you come hungry to this event, there are plenty of food vendors to choose from. Plus there are various commercial vendors selling their goods and services. Don’t miss a moment so plan a day at this year’s Spring Fiesta in the Park.


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Sources of information from fiestainthepark.com





2017 Seminole County Fair in Sanford Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Sanford, FL – It is that time of year again when the Seminole County Fair rolls back into town. There is free parking, free admission, and a variety of rides and games at one location. This fair runs from March 24 – April 1, 2017. Opening and closing times will vary. Open rain or shine.

Getting to the fair is only a short drive from Orlando. Check your GPS for the best travel route to this fair. The fair is located at Hickman Drive in Sanford, which is just right off of Interstate 4. Just follow the fair signs directing drivers to free parking. The fair is located in an open field.

Over the years, the fair has been at many locations within the county. They have been at the Seminole Town Center Mall parking lot, the Old Bill Heard Chevy Dealership (now Audi North Orlando, and at the 17-92 Wal-Mart parking lot. In the future, the fair will have to find another location to set up shop. The current owners of the property are waiting to build on this commercial real-estate property. Stay tuned for more information on a new location the coming years ahead.

The Seminole County fair is really a big carnival with some odd attractions. This fair is considered a smallest fair in the area compared to the Central Florida Fair, Volusia County Fair, and Osceola County Fair. This fair is run by Strates Shows, which owned and managed out of Orlando. Strates Shows is one of the largest east coast fair shows.

When arriving at the fair one will see two ticket booths. Besides the ticket booths are ATM machines. Prices for ride and game tickets as follows 120 tickets for $50, 40 tickets for $20, and 2 tickets for $1. There are no refunds, rain checks and or replacements. All rides have manufacturer’s height, weight, and age restrictions. There are many typical rides and games at this fair.

Here is a listing of all the rides at this fair. They a Mary-Go-Round, Quad Runner, Jumbo, Raiders, Heavy Haulin Inflate, Bouncezone, Scooter bumper cars, Giant Ferris Wheel, Cobra, Family Swinger, Scrambler, Junglewalk, Bear Affair, Cushing Casino, Haunted House, Cucko Haus, The Force (Starship 2000), Pirate Rocking Ship, Sizzler, Zipper, Thunder Bolt, Sky Flyer, Mario Land, Bumper cars, Giant slide, Dinosaur Volcano Ride, Construction Zone ride, Silver Streak Ride, Dizzy Dragon, Volkswagon Ride, Fire Ball, and Tractor Ride.


Besides the rides are the games. Here is the list of games at this fair which are Filler Up, Basketball, Ring Toss Coke Bottle, Ring toss, Football toss, Shootout the Star, Ping Pong & Goldfish Toss, and Water Gun Fun. Try your hand at a game of skill or luck. Many of these games award various prizes. Come away a winner get a large stuffed animals of your choosing.

If you’re looking to just relax that are some feature attractions at this fair to see. Check out the World’s Smallest Horse called Tinny Tim, The World’s Smallest Woman who is Jamaican, The Snake Child Born Alive, Girl-Snake, which is half girl – half snake, and finally the Museum of World Oddities. Each attraction has a separate admission price ranging from 50¢ – $2.00. Some days they run specials on admission.

There are many food vendors on hand for your hungry stomachs. They have a variety of foods to choose from. One will find corndogs, pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers, ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn Fried Oreos, fried bubble gum, fried pickles, funnel cakes, snow cones, Polish & Italian Sausage, jumbo turkey leg, Fried Twinkies, sirloin streak and nachos . Prices will vary depending on what one orders. An average price of a meal is from $2 – $12.


Come on down and have a great time. Spend a day or just a few hours and you’ll have a lot of fun. Bring the entire family and friends with. This is where memories are made. For more information go to www.seminolecountyfair.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

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2017 5th Annual Altamonte Springs Uptown Art Expo Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL – This annual art festival is held at Cranes Roost Park next to the Altamonte Mall. The venue has free admission and parking. This event is being held on March 25 & 26, 2017. So mark your calendar and come on down to this weekend event.

It is just an easy drive from Orlando to get to Altamonte Springs. Take I-4 going east. Then take exit 92 off of I-4. Look for the Altamonte Mall signage. There is plenty of free parking at the Altamonte Mall. It is advised to park in the Northwest side of the mall, which is close to the park. Check your GPS for the best travel route to Cranes Roost Park.

This art show is set near the lakeside area featuring a walking path, plaza with fountain show & amphitheater with live entertainment. While walking around beautiful Cranes Roost Park there will be many artists and vendor booths lined up on Cranes Roost Blvd. The Art Festival will feature 150 juried art & fine crafts with displays of glass, jewelry, mosaics, paintings, photography, pottery, sculpture and more all available for purchase.

This year’s music on stage is Rick Derringer Band presenting Storyteller – Alive and Well Performance. Derringer is a Legendary Guitarist, Singer, Producer Hear the stories behind the Hits! Some of his hits are “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo”, “Hang on Sloopy” “Frankenstein”, “Free Ride”, “Real American”, “Still Alive and Well” and many more!

Another big music headliner is the tribute band The Long Run – A Journey Through The Music Of The Eagles! This band tours around the world and has played over 400 shows worldwide. This band has appeared on over 30 albums with many famous singers and bands. What makes this band unique is that they perform on many cruise ships around the world. Some of the band members Randy Ridenour and Chuck Kirkpatrick have ties to Florida. The Long Run has performs many of the Eagles greatest rock music hits. Listen to this tribute band play the songs such as “Hotel California”, “Take It Easy”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, and much more.

Another popular feature at this art festival is the sidewalk chalk paintings. Many local artists with different ages from all walks of life compete for awards for the best chalk painting. One will see a variety of subject matters. These sidewalk chalk artists start in the morning and end in the early evening. There is a limited amount of time to complete one sidewalk chalk painting. When these sidewalk chalk paintings are finished one will be amazed of how they created a masterpiece within a short amount of time. This is a must see when attending this venue.


For the hungry festival attendees – International Street cuisine and good old-fashioned Festival Foods along with Craft Beer featuring Bold City Brewery, Islamorada Beer Company, 3 Daughters Brewing Company, Kona Brewing, Bud Light and Wines – Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Merlot. Prices of food will vary.

This event is produced by Orlando Art & Living Expo, Inc., and is a non-profit corporation, whose mission is to bring art and music together, and enhance the quality of life in Central Florida. For more information on this art show go to www.uptownartexpo.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .


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Sources of information from uptownartexpo.com


2017 Casselberry Spring Jazz & Art Festival Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Casselberry, FL — Jazz comes alive at Lake Concord Park with saxophonist Steve Cole and keyboardist Brian Simpson coming to Casselberry for the Spring Jazz Concert and Art Festival at 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 25, 2017. This free event, sponsored by 102.5 WLOQ Orlando’s Smooth Jazz and the City of Casselberry, will entice all jazz lovers to gather and enjoy a spectacular evening at the lakefront park.

This event is only a short drive from Orlando. There are many routes to take to arrive at this event. Please check your GPS for the best travel route. Parking near Lake Concord Park is very limited. Here are some areas where one can park their vehicle and walk over to the park. There is plenty of parking at the Casselberry Target and Home Depot. It is recommended to get to this event early for the best parking spaces. There is a limited number of handicap spaces near the Casselberry Police Station and Casselberry City Hall public parking lot.

Don’t forget to bring your folding chair and or blanket to sit out on the lawn in front of the stage. Anywhere you sit will be the best seat in the house. Relax and enjoy some great jazz music from these well-known musicians. Coolers are welcome too. Pack your cooler with some great refreshing drinks.

Cole, a Chicago native, exploded onto the scene in 1998 with the album “Stay Awhile” that was produced by fellow Chicagoan Brian Culbertson. In addition to his work as solo artist, Steve has performed/recorded, with Culbertson, Larry Carlton, Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Jim Peterik, Boz Scaggs, and many smooth jazz performers. Simpson, an inspired keyboardist, composer, prolific studio musician and producer, has an eloquent style to playing sophisticated harmonics, bluesy overtones, and R&B flavor.

Brian had been the musical director for jazz saxophonist Dave Koz for close to 20 years, and his approach to music has made him first call to tour with many greats including Janet Jackson, Teena Marie, Sheena Easton, Stanley Clarke and Gerald Albright. Riding high on the 2017 newly released album Persuasion, Simpson is sure to throw in some new tunes, as well as all the classics.

Besides the music there are vendors and artisans selling and providing services. Check out the many local companies on hand. Just about all crafts and fine arts are hand made by the individual artists. Some items you’ll find are handmade soaps, candles, fresh honey, floral arrangements, artwork in and various styles. Plus, there will be some service vendors such as investment planning services, insurance brokers, and much more. Prices on items and services are reasonable. Don’t forget to bring cash. Some vendors may only take cash while others take both cash and credit cards.

One can’t forget the food. There will be plenty of food trucks on hand with a variety of food and drinks to choose from. It is unknown at this time what food truck will be at this venue. Prices range from $2 – $15 depending on what you order. On average a full meal can costs about $10.


Don’t forget there is another Casselberry Fall Jazz and Art Fest in the fall. For more information on this event go to www.casselberry.org . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

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Sources of Information: Came from a Casselberry Press Release


2017 58th Annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Winter Park, FL – Come on down to this year’s annual Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. This is a high end art festival filled masterpieces, great entertainment, and food. This venue is being held on March 17-19, 2017, in the heart of Downtown Winter Park. Only the best-selected artists will have their work shown. This art festival is free to walk a around. Here is just a sampling of what is going on.

This art festival was named America’s Best Juried Fine Art Fair (Art Fair Calendar, 2013 & 2014), The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most prestigious outdoor art festivals. It is also ranked the #1 Best Fine Art and Design Show in the southeast and #5 in the Nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine, 2014. The Festival debuted in March 1960 as a community project to bring local artists and art lovers together. The Festival is produced by an all-volunteer board and draws more than 350,000 visitors each year. This year, more than 1,100 artists from around the world applied for entry. An independent panel of three judges selected the 225 artists exhibiting their works. The Festival is also recognized as “Central Florida’s Best Festival,” Orlando Magazine, 2013 & 2014; and “Best Winter Park Event/Festival,” The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and Winter Park / Maitland Observer, 2013 & 2014.

This event is only a short drive from Orlando. Parking is very limited around this art festival. Festival goes are able to find parking at many of the public lots and public parking garages. There is some street parking near this venue. Parking tends to fills up fast. It is recommended to arrive early when the festival opens. If you come in the middle of the day expect to drive around looking for a space to park. Avoid bring a vehicle if possible. Sunrail is running on Saturday only. Check http://www.sunrail.com for train schedule. There are other forms of transportation to take such as ride sharing services and or even riding your bicycle. Plus, there is a bicycle valet to park your bike at this venue too.

This is a must see event for this weekend. Come see some of the best artists and their works from around the country. There will be all different medium and styles of art from sculptures, paintings, photography, drawings, jewelry, and much more. This year festival artists complete for 63 awards totaling $72,500. The Best of Show winner is purchased for $10,000 by The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival Board and donated to the City of Winter Park. Previous Best of Show winners are on permanent display at the Winter Park Public Library. A $5,000 “Art of Philanthropy” Purchase Award is sponsored by the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation. A $2,500 “Distinguished Work of Art” Award is presented through The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. There are 10 Awards of Excellence of $2,000 each, 20 Awards of Distinction of $1,000 each and 30 Awards of Merit of $500 each.

Don’t forget to check out the children’s artwork on display in several large tents near the Winer Park Post Office. Most of these art students show some great talent with their artistic ability. Their artwork is juried too. So come down and take some time to enjoy their artwork too. Early Sunday afternoon some of the teachers start taking the grade school children’s artwork down. It is best to see if on Friday and Saturday. Awards for the children’s art show will be posted on late Saturday afternoon.

There will be many different types of food to choose from. The Food Court is located in in the middle of this venue near the train station. Puffs and Stuff Catering, runs this year’s festival food concessions. There is a largest selection of food to choose from. Choose from BBQ, fish, burgers, chicken, salads, and much more. It is advised to bring cash, however some take credit cards. Plus, there are a few ATM machines throughout the festival.


Besides the food, there is always great free entertainment. Get there early for the best seats in the house. The main stage is located on the eastside of the park. There will be a variety of acts live on stage. Check the art festival website for schedule of music and entertainment. Bring a folding chair or blanket and relax with some great entertainment.

For more information on this art show go to www.wpsaf.org . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .
Photos courtesy by icflorida.com

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Sources of information from wpsaf.org

2017 20th Annual Mount Dora Spring Fest Preview

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Mt Dora, FL – The downtown streets come alive with crafters and artists displaying their works for show and sale. It’s a fun, two-day, open-air event celebrating the arrival of Springtime with historic, downtown Mount Dora as a backdrop. Bring the family, wear comfortable shoes, and get ready to shop ’til you drop! This Show is held at the beginning of Spring on the streets of historic, downtown Mount Dora. Event held on Saturday and Sunday, March 18th & 19th for a fabulous weekend of shopping.

Formerly the Mount Dora Spring Collectibles, Crafts and Antiques Show, the all-new Mount Dora Spring Fest in it’s 20th year draws thousands of visitors and 250+ exhibitors. Due to the decline in participation from “antique” and “collectible” vendors at the Mount Dora Spring Collectibles and Crafts Show and the desire to bring in more high quality, hand craft exhibitors, we will be revising the 2017 footprint for the event and re-branding it as the Mount Dora Spring Fest. The number of “Antique, Collectible and Buy Sell” exhibitors will be limited and assigned in an area separated from the now juried hand craft exhibitors at this 2017 event.

Driving to Downtown Mt. Dora from Orlando is only a short 30-minute drive. Take Highway 441 North from Orlando and one will hit the Mt. Dora City limits. Look for the Downtown signs to point you in the right direction. It is recommitted to make it a day trip. There is much to see and do in Mt. Dora. Parking may be an issue, but please don’t let it stop you from visiting this arts festival. There is some free parking in the residential side of town. Also, there are some business and homeowners who are charging a fee to park on their property. Another alternative is to use the satellite parking lot that uses buses to bring people to and from this event.

This year’s festival will take on a whole new experience. Most people might compare this festival to the Mount Dora Arts Festival. However, it does have the same feel, but smaller in smaller venue. The layout of this festival stretches from Macdonald Street to Tremain Street. There is a Food Court which is located on South Donnelly Street and variety of foods to choose from. If beer and wine is your thing, then check out the beer-wine area located on Alexander Street and Fourth Avenue.

For more information on this event please visit www.mountdoraspringshow.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

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Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 7.12.39 PM
Website graphic courtesy from Mt Dora Spring Show

Sources of information from http://www.mountdoraspringshow.com