2017 Leesburg Bike Festival Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

The bikers will be rolling back around Central Florida for this year’s Leesburg Bikefest. This Bikefest is an all day event with much to see and do and is the World’s Largest Motorcycle and Music Event packed into 30 blocks for 3 days with over 60 Concerts, 200 Vendors, Amazing Bike Shows, 5 Hotbody Contests, 5 Venues and a Quarter Million People! Even non-bikers are welcome to attend. Leesburg Bikefest is located in the Downtown area of Leesburg. This event is being held on April 28-30, 2017.

Driving from Orlando to Leesburg is about an hour and a half drive to two hours depending on traffic and the route drivers take. Some people drive on Florida’s Turn-Pike to get to Leesburg. While others take State Road 411 northward from Orlando. Either way will get you to your destination. Once arriving in the Downtown Leesburg, vehicle parking is limited around town. Only motorcycles have an advantage parking close to the venue. Most motorcycles will park on Main Street. Arrive early for the best parking spot available. There are some parking lot for a parking fee at some properties. Some public parking lots may not be available in the downtown area during this event. During the peak of the day and evening motorists should expect to see heavy traffic on the streets in and around Leesburg. Law Enforcement will be out in heavy force looking for drunk drivers.

History of Leesburg Bikefest started in 1997 where the 1st Annual Leesburg Bikefest as a 1-day event with 4 vendors, canned beer, and a couple of local garage bands; with an estimated attendance of 5,000 motorcyclists. Since then, Bikefest has grown into a well-known event that hosts more than 300,000 attendees each year.

In order to meet the demands of Bikefest attendees, the event has grown from a 1-day event to a 3-day event and expanded to 20+ blocks in Downtown Leesburg and the Gator Harley Davidson location. Bikefest utilizes just about every square inch of outdoor space available in the downtown area, and also rents out buildings like the Opera House, Palace Theater, and the Leesburg Center for the Arts, transforming them into night clubs where the event can continue long after the outdoor venues have closed.


The streets of Downtown Leesburg are lined with hundreds of merchandise and food vendor booths, showcasing their wares and tantalizing the taste buds of the more than 250,000 event attendees. For the safety of the bikers and biker enthusiasts, the streets are closed down for motorcycles only, which helps produce a unique and successful Lake County event.

Although Bikefest started with a handful of local garage bands, Bikefest attendees have been entertained by some legendary “musical greats” such as Foghat, Leon Russell, Great White, Quiet Riot, and Confederate Railroad, just to name a few.

For those who don’t ride a motorcycle, yet still want to enjoy the experience; Bikefest features 50+ concerts, contests, a wide variety of biker skill and safely demonstrations, and is home to the legendary Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Shows.

By 2009, Leesburg Bikefest had grown to be the largest 3-day biker event in the country. Bikefest is the largest fund raising event for the Leesburg Partnership, and subsidizes the majority of other events they produce in Downtown Leesburg. Bikefest is also a main fundraiser for many local charities.

When Leesburg Bikefest started, the goal was to provide a great experience, support area businesses, and treat attendees better than any other biker events in the state. This goal has become a reality, and remains the main objective in planning the event. Bikefest promoters pride themselves on being able to say to Leesburg, Lake County, and Central Florida residents, “It’s your town, your party… no bike required!”.

Leesburg Bikefest has usually an older crowd than Daytona Bike Week. There is still a lot of fun all in one location. It is worth the drive to Leesburg for this one a year event. For more information on this event go to www.leesburgbikefest.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please visit us at www.otownfun.com .

Photos courtesy by icflorida.com

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Source of information from leesburgbikefest.com

First Time Gun Owner Story

Written By Robert Voss

Buying a gun for the first time one should not be an overwhelming experience. I just wanted to pass along some tips to make it easy experience as a new gun owner. Don’t buy any gun until one’s knowledgeable in a few areas on purchasing a gun. This is a must read article for first time gun buyers.

First, I recommend taking a Florida State concealed weapons permit class and or the Security Officer G-License class before buying any type of gun. This will help you get your conceal weapon permitted to help you buy a gun and walk out with it the same day. There is a big difference between the to two classes. The concealed weapons permit class is a basically watered down three-hour class taught about gun ownership and concealment that include gun range time. While the other class is a 28 hours three day class for security officers which includes the classroom and gun range time. Many local gun ranges and security academies offer these courses.

Once you have passed the Florida State concealed weapons permit class and or the Security Officer G-License class one needs to submit to the State of Florida documents to receive a CWP license. Go to www.freshfromflorida.com and make an appointment to have your fingerprints and photo taken at the same time. Once this has been done it will be processed and take about 90 day or less depending on the backlog of applicants. It is not recommended to mail your CWP application in the mail to the state. There is a chance it could become lost and take longer to process the application.

Now is the fun part looking for a gun for you. I suggest going on-line to look at the various handguns for sell. There are other gun articles out on the web to help one narrow down one’s choice. Price points maybe another factor in purchasing a certain gun. The cheaper guns are not always the best guns that will last long. One gets what they pay for.

Once you receive the Florida State CWP in the mail is where the fun starts. Now you can shop around for the handgun, which is right for you. Many shops have that have handguns that come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and pricing. There are many places to browse for a new and or used gun. I first tried looking at an independent pawnshop in my area. I found a used Smith & Swesson SD 9VE two-tone 9mm for $200 in the display case. The store associate told me it was barely used. I am not an export on the internal mechanisms of a gun. It is recommended to bring a gunsmith and or good friends who grew up with firearms to look it over. Another thing with this gun was there was a hold on it for 30 days. Plus, there was another 10 days until I could pick up this gun. This was a negative on buying this gun.

Another option is attending a gun show. This will give one an option to see what is out in the market place before buying. I suggest picking up several guns to see what is most comfortable fit for you. Not all the guns fit one’s hand the same. Some grips can be adjusted just ask the salesperson.

When walking into a gun shop one might be nervous for the first time. I checked out The Armory in Kissimmee. I walked into the door and told them what type of gun I was looking for. I had my mind set on the Glock 19 9mm handgun. However, the salesperson showed me the Glock 19 and a Smith & Swessen M&P 9 handgun side by side. He wanted me to be informed on the differences in both. In my opinion, I thought the M&P 9 was a better-built gun and was on sale. Another reason I went with this gun was that it was used for the military and police for duty work and was relievable. This is something to consider.

Once you have made a final decision on your gun purchase. One has to fill out a State of Florida Firearms form for all firearms sales. This is a requirement and not an option. The salesperson will assist you if one needs help on this form. Next, they will need your driver’s license and CWP license. Then the gun shop will run a background check on you for any major criminal offenses, which could take twenty to thirty minutes. When it comes back clean, one is good to go. Finally, pay the gun shop. One will notice the background check fee of $8 plus the tax on the gun.

Watch for the salesperson to up sell you on some gun related accessories and clean supplies. If you’re unsure what you need to buy. I recommend buying high-end gun oil in a spray can along with the snake. No, it is not a live snake! The snake is used to clean the barrel of the gun.

Once you take the gun out of the store, please keep it encased and out of view from the general public until you get home. It is not recommended keeping a gun inside of a vehicle after purchase. Take it home directly. One never knows who’s watching you.

Now before one fires the gun for the first time. One must clean the inside of the barrel of the gun with the snake to get out all the metal shavings out of the barrel of the gun. Before leaving the gun shop, ask them to show you how to dismantle the gun. If you forget check out the YouTube videos online.

One can’t forget to buy some bullets for your gun. Make sure one gets the right size ammo. The box of ammo will vary from .22mm, .38mm, 9mm, 22mm, and 357mm. A friend directed me to buy ammo from a big box retailer and or online from an ammo manufacturer. They recommended me to buy a box of Federal Full Metal Jackets (FMJ) 9mm with 50 bullets for $10.00 per box. These are used and accepted at any gun range. Plus, I purchased a box of Federal Low Velocity Hollow Point 9mm 20 Bullets for $20.00 per box. These bullets can be used for home safe deference and for security work.

Finally, check for a local gun range in your area. Prices will vary on the gun range. Most gun ranges change about $15 for 1-3 hours of range time. Plus, all gun shooter will have to sign a waiver and liability form from the gun range. Don’t forget to bring your drivers license. They need your driver’s license on file for legal purposes. The peak times at a gun range are on Friday thru Sunday. It is recommended to go on the off peak times which are Monday – Thursday. When walking into any gun range, make sure your gun is unloaded and in encase. The gun range attended may go over some rules and regulations at the range before going to your shooting lane. If you have any questions just ask the gun range attended. Always point your weapon in a safe direction. Be a responsible gun owner and keep up on the current laws. Lock your gun up around any children! Safety first. Happy shooting!

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Photo Tip Series – Photographing Air Shows


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I will be writing about is air show photography. There are many air shows during the year in the United States. Check your local listings to find one in your area. In Central Florida, we have three air shows in the Spring every year. Each airshow is differs from one another. The joy of photography will bring one great memories from the air show.

For the best air show experience, one must do some pre-planning on your part. Purchase your tickets on-line along with a pre-paid parking pass. This will eliminate the hassles at standing in line for general admission ticket booth. Go to the airshow website to get more information on ticket prices. There will be long lines for general admission tickets at the gate on the day of the air show.

While at home planning your airshow day adventure, there are some items to bring. Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, sunglasses / goggles, a hat, comfortable cloths, poncho, blanket, folding chairs, earplugs / ear muffs, a photo/video camera, and great walking shoes. It is recommended not to wear sandals. One will be doing a lot of walking at this event. An added reminder to wear pants because of the various winds and sand may kick-up at anytime on the flight line and in other areas too. Don’t over pack for the day. No one wants to lug a bunch a photo gear around all day.

As a Photojournalist, I recommend bring just one camera with two lenses. Don’t worry if you don’t have a super long lens like the pros do. The lenses I recommend bring is a 70-300mm telephoto lens, and a 18-55mm lens. Or bring an all-purpose lens such as the 28-300mm lens. You’ll be using the 70-300mm lens for the air show in the sky and the 18-55mm lens for the static aircraft displays. Another option is to bring an external Speedlight flash for photos inside some of the aircrafts. Some attendees even bring a tripod and or a monopod, and kneepads. Another reminder for your camera is don’t change your lens in the directions of the wind. The wind will blow in dust and other particles into your camera sensor that is exposed. When changing lenses, look for a good spot to change a lens and or put a towel over the camera and lens when making these lens changes.

It is recommended to arrive early at the airshow to photograph the static aircraft on the tarmac first. But, some attendees may differ from my point of view and think one should reserve a spot on the flight line on the ropes to see the aircraft move down the runway at show time. Almost all aircraft will take off and land on the far runway. Depending on the airshow, some airshows have more static aircraft displays than others. The most popular static aircrafts will have the most people around it. During the peak of the day, one may not get the best photos of the static aircrafts. One has a couple of choices when photographing the static aircrafts. Here are times to consider when to photograph these static aircrafts at beginning of the show, during the airshow, and towards the end of the day for the airshow when attendees are leaving.

Some attendees will have a chance meet and Greet with civilian and military pilots and crews. The US Navy Blue Angels and or the US Air Force Thunderbirds have a set time they come out and sign autographs on posters, books, clothing, and much more. This is a great photo opportunity to have your photo taken with one of these military pilots.

There is no set schedule when certain aircrafts will perform. The only exception is the featured air act performs last. Some of the featured air acts are either the US Navy Blue Angels and or the US Air Force Thunderbirds. These teams will perform assorted maneuvers overs the runway. The airshow announcer will call out the stunt they are performing.

Here are some other clues to help photographers on where the middle of the show takes place. This is where most of the aerial acts will perform right in the center of the airfield. Look for the yellow school bus parked in the middle of the airfield. There is almost always a yellow school bus parked in the airfield. Another clue to help a photographer is look at the person on the control tower stand to see what direction they are looking in. Most airshow photographers are informed ahead of time of when and where the aerial stunt will be performed.

Photo courtesy by icflorida.com

At the end of the air show many spectators will rush to get back to their vehicle and leave the airport. This might be the time to get the static aircraft displays with less people around. Why be stuck in traffic while one can continue to photograph some great static aircraft displays.

Next, one can’t wait to see what they captured at an airshow for the day. One might be surprised what they captured. Now all the fun starts to review all of one’s photos from the airshow on your computer. I recommend selecting only the best ones to sharpen and color correct and to publish on your social media accounts along with printing some images too. Be patient this may take some time to sort through the best photos.

I wish everyone happy photography to you. Thank you for reading this Photo Tip Series and check back again for some more Photography Tips Series in the future. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

Photo courtesy by icflorida.com

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Former Golfsmith Location Is Now Open For Business as Galaxy Golf in Altamonte

GGHP_Aprilwk3_P1_SeasonKickoff2Ad Photo Courtesy by galaxygolf.com

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL – As of today, one will notice a new sign attached to the building outside and by the road too which is under the new name of Galaxy Golf. Dick’s Sporting Good bought out the Golfsmith Company last year. They have not had a formal grand opening yet. This store re-opened in February 2017. More changes are coming in-store at Galaxy Golf.

Galaxy Golf is located on West State Road 436 just right off I-4. There is plenty of free parking available. This location was a former Rooms-To-Go Store back years ago. Then before that was a Taco Bell Restaurant. Then recently Golfsmith took over this location and now it is a Galaxy Golf Store.

This store has the same feel as the old Golfsmith Store. Basically, they have the same merchandise for the advanced to pro golfers as before. Some of their flagship brands that Golfsmith carried are no longer being produced and sold. They have very little inexpensive golf equipment at this store location. Galaxy Golf is considered a high-end golf equipment and appeal store. These prices are competitive with some of the other golf stores in the Central Florida area.

There is some used and pre-owned golf equipment sold at this store. They have clubs, putters, and much more. Sorry no used golf balls. But they do run specials on golf ball sets. While you’re their try out a putter on they’re mini putting green. There are many different putter styles out on the market. Find the putter that fits you. Try it out. Then bring to the golf course near you and improve your golf game.

Don’t forget about your golf clothing for the golf course. Everyone wants to look the part as a professional golfer whether you’re one or not. There is a large selection of pants, collar shirts, shoes, socks, and much more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask a store associate for assistance.

Need some golf lessons? They have a golf pro on-site to get your game back into the top swing. Stop by and set-up an appointment for your golf lesson today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to the advanced golfer. This service is located at the back of the store.

From the outside of this store looks the same except for an exterior paint job and signage. It is worth a drive to this stand-alone store location in Altamonte Springs. For more information go to www.galaxygolf.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. For more great events and places please check us out at www.otownfun.com .

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2017 Apopka Art and Foliage Festival Preview


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Apopka is known for the largest nurseries that a variety of plants and trees being produced within the city every year. Now is your chance to buy from a whole seller to the general public. This festival is being held on the weekend of April 29 & 30, 2017.

From Orlando to Apopka is a quick drive up State Road 441. Just look for the festival signs that will direct drivers to Kit Land Nelson Park. If you’re looking for close parking to the festival, there is a parking fee to park in the field. Parking fees may range from $5-$10 per vehicle and are subjected to change without notice. Free parking is located in the residential areas in the area around the park.

All 100% of the proceeds from the Apopka Art and Foliage Festival are used to support various needs within the City of Apopka . Each of the following organizations and programs were beneficiaries from the 2017 Apopka Art and Foliage Festival: Anthony House , Apopka Historical Society Apopka Police/Fire/Recreation, Apopka Relay for Life, Avian Reconditioning Center, Cancer Care Resource Center, Canine Companions, Citizens Police Academy, Emergency Disaster GFWC, Future Rebels Fast Pitch, Habitat for Humanity Apopka, Hacienda Ranch, Harbor House, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation, Hope Community Center, Little League, Loaves & Fishes, Miss Apopka Pageant, Shop With A Cop, Special Olympics, Habitat For Humanity,
Pop Warner (AYS), Presidents Project, Quest North, R.O.C.K., Roger Daubach Foundation, 6 Scholarships to local graduating seniors, Special Scholarship to local adult woman returning to education, Seniors First, Other yet-to-be-designated Civic & Community

There will be a large selection of plants and flowers to buy. It is recommended to arrive early when they open to pick the best one’s for the day. At the end of the day, the plants and flowers may not look as pretty as when they are fresh from the morning. Some hard to find plants can be found at this festival. Many nursery vendors are available for any questions one may have. Even the Plant Doctor at this festival too.

Beside the plants and flowers there are many wonderful artisans and craftsmen on hand selling their hand-made works of art. One will find various sizes of fine art paintings, sculptures, photography, mix media art, and much more. Prices on artwork will vary by each artist from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Don’t forget to stop by the K-12 grade school children’s juried artwork exhibit.

Don’t leave this festival hungry. There will be plenty of food and drink vendors on hand for some great food. These vendors are cooking up breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, Fresh squeezed lemonade, chicken tenders, gyro sandwiches, homemade ice cream, kettle corn, and much more. Prices on food will vary depending on vendor.

Throughout the day attendee can enjoy some free entertainment at the gazebo in the middle of the park. See festival website for schedule of entertainment. Here are just a few of the feature acts on stage which are Blake Guyre, Liverpool Live, Andrea Tyler – “Adele” Tribute Show, Polynesian/Samoan Dancers, and much more. They have seat waiting for you. There are a limited number of chairs near the gazebo.

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2017 Funk Fest Tour Orlando Preview


Graphics courtesy by FunkFest Orlando

Good Music. Good People. Good Times. With classic hits by legendary artists like Frankie Beverly and Maze and the Ohio Players, to the sounds of contemporary music’s heavy hitters like Jill Scott and Outkast, Funk Fest delivers an all-star line up that has the “old school,” “new school” and everyone in between jamming all night long. For more than 20 years, the Funk Fest has attracted music enthusiasts from across the globe who enjoy partying with a purpose while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of different musical genres. Your Music Experience Will Never Be The Same. Attend this event on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on West Colonial Drive in Orlando. Gates open at 3pm and Showtime starts at 5pm.

This event is only a short drive from Downtown Orlando on West Colonial Drive at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Parking is available at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Parking is a first come first serve basis. It is recommended to car pool and use a ride sharing service. Once the parking fills up, attendees will have to make other arrangement for other parking locations. Event tailgating is at the digression of the promoter and property management.

Ticket prices, performance details and additional show information can be found on www.funkfesttour.com .  Click on “More Info” for the city you are inquiring about.  The artists are not necessarily listed in order of performance. All ticket prices listed on our web site are per seat / per person.  To purchase the entire table, enter the number of total seats for the table when making your purchase online.  Tables are assigned and are not first-come, first-served.  Assignments will be made at time of purchase and will be evident on the ticket.  Table locations depicted on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change. There are NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES for ANY reason whatsoever.

Attendees will see Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, Mystikal, Joe, Da Brat, plus many more to be announced. Some artists are subject to change without notice. This is one event you won’t want to miss on this weekend. This event is only a one day concert!

Here are some of the sponsors for this event which are Star 94.5 FM, AT&T, Pepsi, Sankofa Project, MediaShrinx Multi-Media Development, Lemon Lemon Sparkling Lemonade. If your company would like to be a sponsor in the future, please contact the event promoter.

If you can’t make it to Orlando’s FunkFest than try attending another Funkfest in these cities such as Birmingham, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Mobile, Little Rock, Kansas City, Charlotte, Tallahassee, and Miami. Funkfest Tour will be expanding to new cities in the near future along with keeping the current cities too.

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Source of information from Orlando.funkfesttour.com

2017 Florida Music Festival & Conference – Orlando Preview

DSC_7085Photo courtesy by floridamusicfestival.com

Orlando, FL — Welcome to the 17th Annual Florida Music Festival, featuring the sounds that will be filling your ears for the next decade. All participating Showcase Venues are FREE ADMISSION courtesy of our friends at the Downtown Development Board, JetBlue and Coors Light! Venue Age restrictions and capacity does apply (note: most venues in Downtown Orlando are 21+, but please check in advance of age limits for each night). This event is being held from April 20-22, 2017.

Each night from 6pm-2am Downtown Otown lights up with more than 50 artists on over a dozen stages, rocking everything from Pop, Hip Hop, Alt Rock & Country to Blue Grass, for FREEStop by your favorite haunt and then roam the venues throughout Downtown checking out musicians from across all genres and around the world.

The Florida Music Festival: THE STATE OF MUSIC boasts a history of discovering unknown artists national acts like Taylor Swift in her first industry showcase, while throwing the best party in Downtown Orlando with past Main Stage acts like The Dirty Heads, Third Eye Blind, Flogging Molly, Minus The Bear, Lupe Fiasco and more… and Florida’s finest homegrown acts through the years from Less Than Jake to The Supervillains, from Seven Mary Three, members of Matchbox Twenty, Creed to JJ Grey & Mofro… and yes even “Mr. Worldwide”… Pitbull asked to play once! The best part, all Showcase venues are FREE ADMISSION each year, so you can discover the next big thing at no cost to you! 

Event Schedule:
Thursday, April 20th:
Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Sahra
7:30pm: Tim Serdynski
8:30pm: Lucy Iris
9:30pm: Bailey Callahan
10:30pm: Levie
10:30pm: The Getbye

The Social:  This Little Underground Presents…
7:30pm: Zoya Zafar
8:30pm: The Welzeins
9:30pm: Saskatchewan
10:30pm: SALES
11:45pm: PolyKarp (ft. Anneka)

Wall Street Plaza I: 
7:00pm: Everlost Us
8:00pm: Revel in Romance
9:00pm: Seranation
10:00pm: Beebs jam featuring Niko Is

Wall Street Plaza II:
7:30pm: Run Raquel
8:30pm: Oranga Tanga
9:30pm: Coastal Breed

10:00pm: The Mellow Relics

Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Kamryn Palmer
7:30pm: Greye
8:30pm: St. Valley
9:30pm: Crenshaw
10:30pm: Diamond Dixie
11:30pm: Greg Warren Band

Church Street Market
6:00pm: Brettyn Rose
7:00pm: Milk Carton Superstars
8:00pm: Kaj Brothers
9:00pm: Grand lotus
10:00pm: Phantom Phunk
11:00pm: G.W. Souther
12:00am: Gerry Williams Band

Ferg’s Depot:
6:30pm: Run Raquel 
7:30pm: St. Valley
8:30pm: SavvyG
9:30pm: Catharina Dalzini 
10:30pm: James Pippin  
11:30pm: Ariia

7:00pm: TBA
8:00pm: TBA
8:45pm: Joshua Hoffman
9:30pm: Wayne Hall
10:15pm: Tim Serdynski

10:00pm: Leisure Chief

The Social:   Swamburger Presents: Southeastern Expo
6:00pm: PRODUCER SHOWCASE (AUDIOMATIC): Marz Mello , and Tempermental
7:00pm: Gary Lazer Eyes
7:30pm: Pathos, Pathos
8:00pm: Frank Secich (of Blue Ash)
8:30pm: Room Full of Strangers
9:00pm: TBA.
9:20pm: TBA
9:40pm: GTN Battle Competition: $100 16 Bar Challenge w/ MADD ILLZ
10:15pm: iCON the Mic King 
10:35pm: Onry Ozzborn
10:55pm: E-Turn 
11:20pm: Latrissa Thomas
11:35pm: Chakra Khan
12:00am: Second Subject Showcase: ft. Purple Kloud, Aftermarket, Sean Shakespeare, SKIP, Acey Wasuto, and DiViNCI (of Solillaquists of Sound)
1:00am: TBA

Wall Street Plaza I: 
7:30pm: John.K
8:30pm: The Delta Troubadors
9:30pm: Reverist
10:30pm: Kasson
11:30pm: Lovestruck Robot
12:15pm:  M-Squared with special guests DJ Logan Dakota

Wall Street Plaza II:
7:00pm: WD-Han
8:00pm: Chase the Jaguar
9:00pm: Solomon Jaye 
10:00pm: Yardij
11:00pm: Victims of Circumstance

Cheyenne Saloon:
6:00pm: Taylor Raynor
7:00pm: Whiskey Sharts
8:00pm: Dru Cutler
9:00pm: Julia McDonald
10:00pm: The 502s
11:00pm: Beemo
12:00am: Save The Radio! 
12:30am: Tom Petty Tribute featuring Florida’s Finest!

Church Street Market:
6:30pm: Fringes
7:30pm: Alex Di Leo
8:30pm: Layla Brisbois
9:30pm: The Dealers
10:30pm: Chemradery
11:30pm: Yardij 
12:30am: Billy Wright

Ferg’s Depot: Florida Atlantic University’s Record Label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings presents…
7:00pm: Jessica Morale
8:00pm: Ella Herrera
9:00pm: Brianna Guinn
10:00pm: The Takers and Leavers
11:00pm: Equus

7:00pm: Layla Brisbois
8:00pm: TBA
8:45pm: TBA
9:30pm: Taylor Raynor
10:15pm: Levie

The Social:  WPRK Rollins College presents…
6:00pm: Multiple Me
7:00pm: Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent
8:00pm: June Divided
9:00pm: YourDesign
10:00pm: A Brilliant Lie
11:00pm: Copper Bones
12:00am: The Bloody Jug Band

10:00pm: The Tanner Keegan Band

Wall Street Plaza I:
3:30pm: School of Rock
4:30pm: J-Zells
5:30pm: Luke
6:30pm: Broken Streetlights
7:30pm: Jumbo Shrimp
8:30pm: Felicity
9:30pm: Blue Man Group Drum-Off
10:30pm: On the Avenue
11:30pm: Forget Myself 
12:00am: The Otown Hometown Jam featuring…

Wall Street Plaza II: 
3:00pm: Savvy G
4:00pm: Natalie Claro
5:00pm: Above the Skyline
6:00pm: That I Am
7:00pm: Eden Shireen
8:00pm: Fiery Sushi
9:00pm: Carly Jo Jackson
10:00pm: King Complex
11:00pm: DizzlePhunk

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