A review on the Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun from Academy Sports


Photo courtesy by Mossberg.com

Written by Robert Voss

I was been shopping around for a while on a shotgun. Before I settled on the Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun, I had asked some seasoned gun enthusiasts which shotgun they liked for the price and quality. Overall, my friends and co-workers said the Maverick 88 Shotgun was on the top of their list.

One will see many prices on-line and at other local retail stores ranging from $200 – $300 for this shotgun. I even found a used Maverick 88 Shotgun at a pawnshop for $279. Then I check out Academy Sports, which had this new shotgun at regular price for $200, which was the best deal in Central Florida. It is always recommended to go new on any firearms rather than used. One never knows where it has been used and where it was kept. There may be even hidden defects. Plus, the buyer has a limited warranty.

When walking into any Academy Sports store head over to the Hunting and Firearms Department. One will see shotguns and rifles on the wall display case behind the counter. A friendly Academy employee will assist you with your purchase. Ask to see the Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Shotgun in stock. Check it out for the look and feel to see if it is the right choice for you.

Specs on the Mossberg Maverick 88 Shotgun which has
• Gauge/bore: 12
• Cylinder capacity: 6
• Front sight: Bead
• Rear sight: Bead
• Length of pull (in.): 14.5
• Barrel length (in.): 28
• Product length (in.): 47.75
• Metal finish: Blued
• Stock: Synthetic black
• Product weight: 7 lb.
• Manufacturer warranty – general: 1 year limited
• Type: Pump-action
• Pistol Ammo Type: Hunting
• Action: Pump
• Handedness: Right

Once you have made your final decision in buying this shotgun. The store associate will then start the background process. The Federal Firearms background check is for $5 at Academy Sports. One will have to fill out the paperwork for this firearm. It is just a easy two-sheet form. If you have any questions just ask the store associate. Once you’re complete with this form the background check could take ten minutes to two hours depending on the background check log at ATF.

While the background is taking place, the Store Associate and you will inspect the firearm with you that you’re going to purchasing. Look for any manufacture’s defects if there are any. Next the store associate will instruct you on assembling this shotgun. It is a simple process. There are no returns on firearms and all sales are final. This is stated on the store receipt.

Then once you’re approved, the Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager will check over the paperwork before you pay for your new shotgun. Then pay for this shotgun. Finally, the Store Manager will escort you and your new shotgun to the front of the store so you can take it home. It is recommended to keep it the box to transport home. Flashing a shotgun out in public may alarm so people. It is recommended to buy a case if you don’t have one. There are both hard and soft cases. This depends on you what you want.

When you get home, one will have to attach the barrel to the rest of the gun. This is an easy process. Just a reminder to always keep your gun lock and unloaded around any children at all times. Don’t forget to read the manufacture’s shotgun Manuel. Now take it to a gun range and test fire it. If you have any questions ask the Range Master at the gun range to quickly show you the correct you to load and fire this firearm. Happy shooting to you.

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Sources of information from Mossberg and Academy Sports



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