2017 Florida Unclaimed Property Auction in Orlando Preview

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Orlando, FL – Are you looking for some of Florida’s treasure? Then this is the place to be for the State of Florida Unclaimed Property Auction in Orlando held on August 25 & 26, 2017, at the Florida Hotel at the Florida Mall in South Orlando. This auction is open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

It is about a 20-30 drive from Downtown Orlando to the Florida Hotel. Check your GPS for the best travel route. Valet parking is available at the Florida Hotel for a fee. Plus, there is plenty of free parking near the Florida Hotel on the Florida Mall property.

Here is a brief overview of Florida Unclaimed Property Auction which currently, the Chief Financial Officer holds unclaimed property accounts valued at more than $1 billion, mostly from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance and utility companies, securities and trust holdings. In addition to money and securities, unclaimed property includes tangible property such as watches, jewelry, coins, currency, stamps, historical items and other miscellaneous articles from abandoned safe deposit boxes. Unclaimed money is deposited into the state school fund, where it is used for public education. There is, however, no statute of limitations, and citizens have the right to claim their property any time at no cost.

This is the second auction for the State of Florida for this year. The preview of the auction items is held on Friday, August 25, 2017. One can preview the auction items either online and or in-person. For a free downloadable catalog and photos of this auction please visit www.fltreasurehunt.gov .

The bidding begins on Saturday, August 26, 2017. Here is a sampling of this auction for First Ten (10) Lots: (Lots 400-407) which has a gold coin, diamond cross pennant, diamond ring with a stone on top, Pearl bracelet, and a diamond watch. For more information on these item please visit the auction website.

U.S. Numismatic Bills (Lots 431-441) is all about the moneybags. These U.S. currency bills are in sealed plastic bags. Depending on the lot many of them have an assortment of $1,2,5,10, 50, and other dominations too. One of these lot was valued at $1,430.00 just the money alone.

Here are some other merchandise lots

Foreign Gold (Lots 447-473)

U.S. Gold (Lots 491-505)

U.S. & Foreign Coins (Lots 601-749)

Miscellaneous Valuables (Lots 411-430)

Foreign Bills (Lots 442-446)

Watches (Lots 474-490)

Jewelry (Lots 506-600)

The unclaimed property auction features items from safe deposit boxes that have gone unclaimed for years despite exhaustive efforts to return them to their owners. Proceeds from the auction are deposited into the state’s education fund where they work to support Florida’s public school system. Should a property owner discover that he or she owned an item that was auctioned; however, the proceeds from the sale can be claimed any time at no cost.

For full details about this weekend’s auction, or to search for or claim unclaimed property, visit www.FLTreasureHunt.gov, or call 1-88-VALUABLE or 850-413-5555. A free catalog, which lists each item up for sale, is also available on the website.

Source of information from: fltreasurehunt.gov

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