Off Topic – Hindsight Into A Past Traffic Accident in Central Florida


WekivaSpringsAutoAccident-BPhoto courtesy by Google Maps

Written by Robert Voss,

I am writing this article to share my experience with the readers when I was involved in an auto accident back around 1997. This auto accident happened when I was leaving for lunch from my part-time job. I was driving my 1991 Ford Tarsus GL was stopped in exit side of the Spring Plaza in Longwood. I was trying to take a left onto Wekiva Springs Road over the divided roadway. I looked both ways before I accelerated my vehicle to move forward. Out of nowhere a circa 1970’s Brown Nissan 240Z hits and spins my vehicle on Wekiva Springs Road. I only had seconds to react. This vehicle hit the right corner of the bumper of my vehicle. After the crash my vehicle was facing the other way onto incoming traffic. It felt like a law enforcement vehicle did pit maneuver to my vehicle.

The next thing you know, a Seminole County Fire Engine Truck arrived on the scene of this accident. The other driver and myself were not injured. Some other motorist might have called this accident in to get this call for service. This auto accident was considered minor.

At some point, an unmarked Florida Highway Patrol vehicle arrived on the scene. The Trooper was only there a few minutes and handed me an FHP Traffic Accident Driver’s Exchange of Information form to fill out. He told me I was at fault for this accident. But, he did not have all of the facts before making a determination on who was actually fault at the time. He quickly left the accident scene and the other driver and I had to exchange information.

The only damage on my vehicle I had was a partially torn off rear bumper. I had to use a bungee cord to keep the rear bumper up on the vehicle. There was no major damaged to the other vehicle besides some scrapes which could be buffed out. I can remember thinking that the 240Z front bumper was made quite well. Today’s bumpers are made of plastic and can’t withstand a minor crash.

Screen shot 2017-09-27 at 6.50.52 AMPhoto courtesy of Google Maps

A couple days later, I received a call from the owner of the other vehicle, which was his mother. At the time, I thought the male driver of the Brown Nissan 240Z vehicle was the owner. This driver failed to disclose whom the actual owner of the vehicle was on the form. This was quite a surprise to me. Over the phone, I told her I have hired an attorney and looking forward to seeing you in court. After this phone call I never heard from her again.

In hindsight looking back at this accident, the Brown Nissan 240Z failed to stop at the stop sign at Wekiva Springs Lane at the time. He ran the stop sign and quickly accelerated at a high rate of speed coming around the turn on to Wekiva Springs Road heading towards State Road 434. There were no other vehicles around beside the Brown Nissan 240Z. Also, this driver did not have full control of his vehicle. After the accident, I did not fully review the FHP Traffic Accident Driver’s Exchange of Information form and assumed it was correct with the other driver’s information. If I had to do it over again, I would have call FHP for another Trooper to come investigate this traffic accident. There was some missing information left out on the auto accident form. I was not issued a traffic violation for this auto accident.

I have never filed a legal case in the Seminole County Civil Court on this accident. It was not worth the attorney fees and court costs. Plus, I had to repair my own rear bumper at my expense. My auto insurance deductible at the time was too high at the time to cover the repairs on my vehicle. I was not happy because it cost me out of my pocket. A lesson to be learned is gather all the facts before doing anything from a traffic accident. The evidence will speak for itself in the auto accident investigation and in the court of law.

Photo courtesy by Google Maps. This is an auto accident rendering of the scene

From that day moving forward, I have gained some life experience to handle another traffic accident for the future. Then just recently, I had another auto accident with someone rear-ending me again. This time I remembered what happened from the last auto accident. Now, I’m doing the right thing. I had some copies of the FHP Traffic Accident Driver’s Exchange of Information form. I understood this form and knew how to fill it out. I was not able to complete it when FHP arrived on the accident scene. The Trooper decided he was going to work this traffic accident.

What I want readers to understand about this past traffic accident, are a few things could have been done differently. If things don’t look right then say something. There are many people out there who will not do the right thing. The key to is gathering as much information as possible to be used in a follow-up investigation. Don’t argue your point on the scene of the accident. It is not worth getting bent out of shape over it.

Presently, there is a traffic light were there was a stop sign on Wekiva Springs Road and Wekiva Springs Lane. There have been many accidents in the area. This traffic accident has always been on my mind and I won’t forget about it. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at

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Source of Information: First hand experience and from Google Maps


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