Off The Topic – Living with a Learning Disability Into Today’s World


Written by Robert Voss

I am writing this article geared towards parents, educators, and people with having a learning disability. This article is to be informative and motivating for those who have a learning disability.

Since I was a kid, I have always had a learning disability. There are many challenges in life with having a learning disability that many normal people don’t usually understand. It may take a long time for someone with a learning disability to understand a concept, directions, and much more. People with learning disabilities are very smart. We just learn and communicate in different ways.

Life is such a challenge in today’s world. Over the years I have had to adapt into our society’s ways. Many people take this for granted. Growing up as a kid, it was not easy to memorize all the material needed to pass the test. For normal kids, taking a test seems easy. But for students with learning disabilities it is a big issue. Most schools give children with learning disability get extra time to take the test in a quiet environment. My recommendation for today’s students to get ahead is to focus and study in a way that one can learn the material and pass the test in a timely manner.

Mathematics is a subject that every student is required to take in college whether one likes it or not. I once had a Math Professor in college who could not help me on my level. She could not explain the math problem in layman’s terms. To me she has failed as a Math Professor even though she had a PhD in Mathematics. She did not care if the student succeeded or not. In the end, I dropped her class and registered for another college math class. From that point moving forward, I had to change my ways to get to my goal by graduating college.

After dropping that college math course and enroll in another math class, I was advised to get a math tutor for one-on-one learning experience. A tutor helped me master this subject. Getting a tutor helped me better learn the subject matter to pass the test. Another way to learn a math problem is to break the math problem down into different steps. Once I understood the math equation, I was able to process the equation along with repeating the process until I could further understand it. The key to this problem is all about the repetition. In my life today, I am able to breakdown complex matters to get from point A to point B.

Another issue that I find with today in society in the workplace is that employers somewhat will not work with someone who has a learning disability. The fact is that a person with a learning disability can’t learn fast enough, may need extra time on some projects, and can’t produce in a timely manner. I was once even terminated by an employer because I was too slow on projects and also made too mistakes. Is that my fault for being a new to the field of graphic design and along with being straight out of college? In hindsight, they’re a few things that could have been done to better help myself succeed. I have since moved on and remembered not to repeat the same mistakes twice.

On the flip side, someone who has a learning disability is more focused, will excel at a certain point, be more productive employee for their company, and be knowledgeable on his or her job tasks. In the field one works, learn as much as you can on your own. Check out various resources on the Internet, take seminars, network with various people, and join business organization that specializes in your field. All of these suggestions will help someone with a learning disability get ahead in his or her career field.

People with a learning disability need to push themselves to get to their goal. Recently, I applied for a Law Enforcement Candidate Recruit position with a Law Enforcement agency in Central Florida. I have always wanted to be a cop. So I applied for this position. I was able to get through most of this tough hiring process, but I did not pass through the oral board. There were many reasons why I did not pass the oral board. For one thing, this board did not impress me one bit. Life goes on and it was a great learning experience going though the entire hiring process. In the future, I plan on re-applying for this position at another time. Next time I will be better prepared.

People with a learning disability should not be ashamed of themselves. We need to embrace it and work through it. Don’t let any one tell you, you can’t do that. I will tell anyone that has a learning disability to take many challenges and prove it for their self. One can accomplish the same tasks. Don’t be surprised when one has made it to the top of the mountain. One can accomplish anything.

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