Al’s Army-Navy Stores Are Closing Forever in Central Florida

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Written by Robert Voss

For many years now, I have shopped at Al’s Army-Navy Stores at all three locations in Central Florida. Al’s is known for the Central Florida’s Oldest and Largest Army-Navy Store. The Sanford location is already closed since the late spring of 2017. Now the owner of Al’s Stores is closing his last two remaining stores in both Altamonte Springs and in Orlando by the end of the year. I just found out about this closing by stopping by their Orlando store. There is nothing on there website indicating a store closure. But there are signs posted in the windows at the store. The target of these stores closings is set to end of year of 2017. The Orlando store is the largest store out of the two stores. Everything must go inside both stores. You name it and Al’s Stores probably has it.

When walking into the Orlando store it still looks the same with hundreds of merchandise for sale. On the perimeter of the store, one will notice some military relics and memorabilia hanging on the walls. I notice a faded USN Jag Corp Captain’s uniform near the front door. There is also a collection of foreign military dress hats too. At one time, the store had a collection of military aviators flight helmets. In the back corner of the store near the office area, there are some display cases with various military memorabilia. I’m sure going to miss seeing some cool military relics. If your interested purchasing any of the military memorabilia one will have to talk directly to the owner of Al’s Army & Navy Stores.

Al’s Army-Navy Stores have already started there massive sale to get rid of everything. Shoppers can save 10-40% off the regular sticker price. Sorry, no rain checks on any item. There are still plenty of racks of clothing with various sizes. The good sizes will be picked over very soon. What they have in stock is what you see. Pick it up these items before it is all gone. If you’re interested in store racks and fixtures contact store management.

When I browsed the Orlando store I found military manuals had 40% off of sticker price. Some tactical flashlights are 20% off the sticker price. All tactical backpacks are already marked down with tag. There is a limited selection of military bonnie hats on the racks. Also, there are tons of military winter jackets too. Even all firearms are price to sell with 10% off. There is much more merchandise than what I have described in this article. All sales are final and no returns.

Once Al’s Army-Navy Stores Closes for good, there will only be a few military surplus stores in the Central Florida area. It is unknown if more stores will close too because of the sign of the times. Many independent local stores are closing because they can’t keep up with Wal-Mart, Amazon, and many other huge on-line retailers. Please help support our small local businesses around town.

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