Off Topic – The Unwritten Dating Rules


Written by Robert Voss

Many of us have gone out on dates before, but many of us don’t know the unwritten dating rules. First off, I’m not licensed psychologist and I have seen this first hand for myself when dating many ladies in my life. I understand dating is a painful experience for some people. I have complied a list of unwritten dating rules. These dating rules are not in any order. If your date breaks many of any of rules below it is not meant to be. Hopefully, this will guide you to having a successful relationship with you partner to lead to lasting friendship to marriage. Good luck in your dating life.

Rule #1 – Late on the first date. When you plan a date and the other person shows up late without calling you to give you. The other person should give you a call that they are going to be late. There is a thirty-minute time limit. After your date’s time is officially
up, then the date is over. One might encounter many excuses why such as traffic, work, etc. My guess is poor planning on there part. Do they deserve another chance? That is up to you.

Rule #2 – Be respectful towards your date. Your attention should focus on your date only and not looking for other dates. Always be kind to the other person.

Rule #3 – Don’t over order when dinning out with your date. This goes for both men and woman. Someone has to pick-up the tab. It is quite rude to order more than your date then in return than the other person has to pay for it. Running up the food and drink tab is never good.

Rule #4 – While on a date at a restaurant, you or your date eats like a pig. If you have never seen food before than I suggest eating a little something before going on a date. One’s date should have some manners while at a restaurant.

Rule #5 – Being a good sharer. Don’t think of your self first all of the time. One should share when possible. I once asked my date for one chip and she refused. This showed me she was not a good sharer and who only cared about herself. Then at another time, I offer my date a bottle of water and she accepted it. This is what sharing about.

Rule #6 – Don’t kiss on the first date. Save it for a second or third date. Keep the passion alive. If you try on the first date to kiss the other person, they might not be willing to reciprocate. They might not feel the same way about you do.

Rule #7 – Having sex with your date. This usually should not happen on the first or second date. Most people like to let it happen naturally. Dating experts say after the third date or 90 days of dating. This is up to each individual couple. For guys, don’t force this issue. No means no end of story. Date rape is not acceptable at anytime.

Rule #8 – Talking about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend to your date. If you keep bring this subject matter up about your ex than you are probably not ready to be dating yet. No one wants to hear about your ex. Yes, many of us have stories about them. It is time to move on from them.

Rule #9 – When is time to say I love you to your date? My guess is when the time is right about after a couple of weeks. Both people should be in love and show it. Forcing I love you will get you in trouble when you don’t really mean it.

Rule #10 – Leaving your date hanging when on a date for any reason. I have seen this happen many times. If you’re not into your date then be upfront with them. No one wants to be left out in the cold. I have heard many excuses from I’m feeling sick, traffic problems, my boss called me into work today, family problems, and much more. This person might be considered a time waster on their part. If it happens three times, then they are not the person for you.

Rule#11 – Lying and or deceiving your date. One should always be honest with one’s date. If you catch your date with a pattern of lying or deceiving you than they are not the worth dating them again.

Rule #12 – Some subject matters should not to be talked about on the first of date. These are religion, politics, and money. Save it for another time until you get to know the person better. These subjects might alienate your date.

Rule #13 – Cheating on your date in an exclusive relationship is not good. Many people have cheated on each other before. When your caught cheating in a relationship it usually is over. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who will have a tendency to cheat on them again. Some people like playing the field as a game or hobby.

Rule #14 – Texting while on a date. This should be a no-no because all of attention should be on your date with the exception of being on-call from work. Texting will distract from your date. The other person will loose focus and the date won’t be that memorable. So put away your personal cell phone.

Rule #15 – Be yourself. Don’t act like someone your not. Eventually it will show through your personality. Being fake person is not good thing and one will start to get a bad reputation around town for it.

Rule #16 – Poor fashion on a date. One should always look their best when on the first date. Think of the first date as an interview. You would not look like you just came from the beach. Take pride in your appearance.

Rule #17 – Listening to your date. Always listen to your date and they will do the same too. A person who doesn’t listen has poor communication skills. One will probably not want to be around them.

Thank you for taking the time to read the unwritten dating rules. I know there is more dating rules out there, but I wanted to share some of the important ones. If you have any questions or comments we would like to hear from you regarding this topic.

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