Off Topic – Dating in the Workplace Experience

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Dating is something everyone does whether you’re gay or straight in your life. Most people will meet in a variety of places. I am writing this article from experience. In the past, I have done the on-line dating service with very little luck. Then I found the workplace is better suitable to working professionals.

My views on the on-line dating websites are people tend not to be there true to them selves, but rather making and acting like a fictitious people. I have been on many of the popular dating websites. Many of them have pros and cons about each one of them. Eventually, I was turned off from them. What a waste of money and time. But for some it for works for them and for other like myself we look for the next alternative method.

Another alternative dating place is at the workplace. The workplace is where one can see a person’s true personality come out. Some employers forbid employees to date within their company. It is not recommend dating someone who works in the same department as you. If things go south you will still have to deal them while at work and it will make for a hostile environment.

My dating experience came from when I worked at office. Little did I know a female was attracted to me? She started flirting with me. I might have said a few things to get her started. We both talked when we had some downtime. I felt we had some strong chemistry together. That is when I decided to exchange phone numbers.

By the end of the day I felt were both compatible. I have to remind her to keep it hush hush. I could tell she was into me. One might be wondering how did I find a co-worker to date. The trick is to first be your self. Don’t look for a date and let it happen naturally. If find a lady is touchy feely, that might be their natural personality. It does mean that she wants to go out with you. Look for sudden clues that she is into you. These clues tend to repeat themselves. If your looking for more information just Google it. Put in a search for clues how women like you. There will be a bunch of stuff come up when conducting this search.

When this type of dating relationship ends, you might be asking yourself what to do now? My personal advice is to carry on your daily work functions. If that other person wants to argue about your relationship break-up, the workplace is not the place to talk about personal business. Make time away from the office to explain why. Remember that there are other fish in the sea. Also, don’t hold a grudge towards the other person. There may have been many red flags through the relationship. Try to remain friends if you can. At another point you might meet up with this person again. One never knows.

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