Off Topic – Central Florida Toys R Us Stores Are Closing Forever in 2018

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Written by Nathan Wertheimer

When news of Toys R Us stores hit on Thursday, March 15, 2018 and said they were closing. This sent shock waves around American. It seems like the sign of the times when a long time large retail brick and mortar store will be closing for good. All 735 stores in the U.S. plan to close within sixty days. This is not just happening in Central Florida but thorughout the United States too. There are currently eight Toys R Us Stores around the Metro Orlando area.

Toys R US executive decided to close all the stores stemming from the bankruptcy filing last fall in 2017. Because of the company restructuring no one knows what will happen. Some of Toys R Us competitors are Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Toy R Us just can’t compete with the other big retail stores and other online websites too. Many years ago another big toy store went out of business to which was F.A. Schwarz Toy Store. It is unknown how the toy industry will be affected from the Toys R Us closure.

Here is some brief history about Toys R Us Company. Wikipedia describes this Company started by Charles P. Lazarus (born 1923) founded Children’s Supermart (which would evolve into ToysRUs) in Washington, D.C., during the post-war baby boom era in 1948 as a baby-furniture retailer. Its first location was at 2461 18th St. NW, where the nightclub Madam’s Organ Blues Bar is located.

These stores could be found throughout the United States. The store’s focus is on toys, board games, video games, sporting goods, Stuffed animals, baby clothing, and much more. They always had the hottest toys that kids wanted at the time.

My experience with Toys R US growing up was very positive. This was my number one favorite toy store that had everything. Since years have gone bye some of the toys I was looking vanished from the store selves. I think this store lost some focus on stocking popular toys while keeping old favorites too. Some of the toys I can remember seeing were G.I. Joe Action Figures, Cabbage Patch Kids, Lionel Train Sets, Mask Action Figures and vehicles, Transformers, Barbie Dolls, Pound Puppies, Matchbox Cars, and bicycles.

Many people can remember the Toys R Us TV commercial slogans saying, “I’m a Toys R US kid.” Don’t forget Geffrey the giraffe used in many TV commercials and marketing brand material too.
Look for a liquidation sale for each individual store coming up soon. The start of the sale will have discounts of 20% to 30% off the retail price. Once the store goes further into the liquidation sale look for steep discounts of 70% and 80% off the retail price. Everything must go from the store. Even the store fixtures, shelving, office equipment, and other items will be sold too.

At this time, it is unknown what the fate of Baby’s R Us. Baby’s R Us has not posted a statement about a possible closing of their stores yet. Many customers are nervous about the possibility closing of Baby’s R Us stores. Watch for more details about Baby’s R Us possibly closing too. There baby registry are still open to access.
With the pending closure of all Toys R Us in the United States, how will it affect the toy market? Only time will tell. Most of the current employees who work for Toy’s R Us plan to stay on till the end. Unemployment will go up after the closing of Toy’s R Us, which is not a good thing.

I hate to see a company like this go. Many kids growing up now and in the future will not have the same experience shopping of visiting a toy store. Now I wish another big retailer would have bought out this company out and kept it open.

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