Off Topic – Central Florida Fashion Fo Paws

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Editorial Opinion

The Metro Orlando area has a weird sense of fashion style everywhere one looks. Just check out common gathering spots and one will see these bad fashion trends. I have come up with a list of fashion fo paws in Central Florida.

During my day, sometimes I have found many times ladies wearing a white t-shirt that is translucent with her white bra showing. I don’t know if she knew it was showing through. It is advised to always look in the mirror before leaving for the day. If one can see through it then one will probably not want to wear it.


Another bad trend I see people wearing is pants with belt loops without the belt. This is kind of odd thing. It might suggest that this person is lazy which left for the day without putting a belt on their pants. If your pants doesn’t have belt loops than there is nothing to worry about.


During windy days in Central Florida, I have found ladies wearing shirts when the wind is very high. It is not a good idea to wear a skirt in high winds. When ladies wear these skirts they tend to fly up in the wind while their arms and hands try to keep it the skirt from flipping up. I guess they forget to check the weather to see what is appropriate to wear for that day.

Also, I have found older people tend to wear white socks with sandals. Most people think of this being a South Florida thing but it also happens in Central Florida too. I never liked this fashion style before. Will I do this in the future? My answer is no.

It is easy to spot a foreign sport fans in Central Florida. One can catch Brazilians wearing their favorite professional soccer team’s jersey to an Orlando Magic basketball game. It is kind of odd someone would wear a soccer jersey to a basketball game. It is never advised to wear your country’s professional sport team clothing in another country unless they are playing there.

Women who wear their low cut tops with their bra showing. This is not a good fashion sense. I never understood why women want to show their bra in public. There are other styles of bra a woman can wear if she is wearing a low cut top.

For the guys, I find males wearing saggy pants with their underwear showing. Their pants hang from the lower but to their feet. This is not very attractive and is not a great fashion sense either. This style came from inmates in the jails and prison at one time.

Another bad fashion sense is hairy guys wearing tank top shirts. It does not look good on hairy guys who wear tank tops. It is suggested to shave a guy’s chest before wearing a tank top.

There are people who wear too much cologne or perfume. Some people tend to bath in it. This can cause people who have serious headaches on the spot. Some people are not aware of it and should be made aware of it. One is only suppose to put on vary little of the scent. Over powering scents can send the wrong message to people around you.

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