2018 Lion’s Pride Orlando Media Tasting Review

LionsPrideAd18Advertisement graphics and photo courtesy of Lion’s Pride Soccer Pub & Grill

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

I was invited on Thursday, April 12, 2018 for a media-tasting event at the Lion’s Pride Soccer Pub & Grill Restaurant in Downtown Orlando. When I walked into this restaurant I thought it was just a bar. That was not the case. It is more than just a bar it is a full service restaurant and bar.

This restaurant is located right on Church Street. At one time, it was a former location for another bar. I walked around this place before heading for the media tasting event. This place has been renovated updated for the times. I walked around and saw the Lion’s Pride gift shop, the kitchen area, VIP dinning room, regular dinning room, and much more. This restaurant kept the same elegant bricks and original windows from the past.

The media tasting was held on the second floor of this restaurant. They served a five-course meal. I was not expecting this type of service. I thought it would be just sampling foods. When they served the food, I was ready to dig in to some great gourmet food.

The first course served with a peppered tuna with avocado relish, clinatro lime slaw along with a Blue Moon mini draft with a fresh orange wedge drink. I did not taste this dish because I don’t eat fish. I can describe it was had a red sauce on the tuna along with a scoop of avocado relish and a scoop of clinatro lime cole slaw.

Also they served two petite brisket tacos with shredded ice burg lettuce, diced tomatoes, queso, and Blanco and chipotle aioli. These were not spicy. The brisket was shredded and very tasty. Plus, this meal is served with Sam Adams Winter Lager. This was one of my favorite dishes so far.

The second course entailed a Caprese Salad with red and yellow vine ripe tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil oil and balsamic glaze. Plus, it was served with a 2015 Terrad’ Oro Blended Chein Blanc wine. All the tomatoes were sliced along with a scope of green Caprese Salad and top off with balsamic glaze. This was another tasty meal.

Then the third course served Shrimp & Lobster Risotto with creamy Parmesan. Plus, it was served with Lion’s Pride Signature Hand Muddled Marquita drink. I did not try this dish at all. It looked like macaroni and cheese seafood style dish.

Next, the forth course served with Blue Cheese Filet with garlic boursin mash potatoes and red wine demi glaze. This meal was served with 2015 Emmolo Napa Valley Merlot drink. The filet was cooked medium rare which looked a little pink in it. The mash potatoes very mildly seasoned. Overall, this meal was tasty and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Finally, the last course consisted of two desserts. This was best course of the meal. This course was served with a chocolate mousse along with a filled pastry. Plus, it was served with the Lion’s Pride Famous Whisky based Red Sangria wine.

Overall, I thought the entire meal was great. If I had to pick just one meal out of all of them; I would pick the Blue Cheese Filet with garlic boursin mash potatoes and red wine demi glaze. One could not go wrong with this choice. If you have never been to Lion’s Pride then stop by one day and check it out. This restaurant has been getting great reviews.

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