Jobs Spotlight on Parking Lot Attendants in Orlando

Careers-JobsSpotlightgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Are you looking for another job that is somewhat flexible than think about becoming a Parking Lot Attendant or an Events Parking Specialist (EPS)? This is a great job to earn some extra income for young adults and seniors too. Most of these jobs are temporary seasonal, which are these are considered contractor jobs.

The hiring process may take some time. This will depend on the application process for each private company and or for city government. It is recommended to have a clean background before going into the application process not to waste your time and theirs.

What are the duties of a Parking Lot Attendant / Parking Lot Specialist? This will vary from company to company. Whenever this is a big event in Orlando, Parking lot Attendants are required to work these events. This job requires standing for long periods of time. Plus, one will interact with people too. So one must have great people skills dealing with all walks of life. Another duty is collecting money for each vehicle whether it is pre-pay or post pay. This will depend on how the parking operations are set-up.

Many cities and private companies are always looking for Parking Lot Attendants. There is some turn over for this job due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are just graduated from college, found a better paying job, and unhappy dealing with outside conditions. Some people may not be suitable for this job if they are accustom to working in an air conditioning environment. These employees who stay and work at this job gain valuable experience. Some of these employees may go on to become supervisors or other jobs within the company and government.

A typical day for a parking lot attendant for an event is standing outside most of the time. They work hours from 4 – 10 shifts. Sometimes there are no breaks, but you can eat and drink when you can. Sometimes the rate of vehicles arriving at the parking lot will fluctuate. Most attendants will collect money per each vehicle. This will range from $8 – $40 per vehicle. At the end of one’s shift you will have to make sure all money is accounted for. One should not be under or over for the number on vehicles on the property on your cashier sheet. There are other parking attendants who are flaggers waving vehicles into the parking lot to collect money. This is a unique skill to waves vehicles into the parking lot. Think of it as a sale job. The more vehicles that come on property to park the more money you may make. Some parking lots may decrease the parking attendant hours over time if fewer vehicles are parking.

If your interested in working this job please look for various job postings on websites from the City of Orlando, Lanier Parking Solutions, and other Central Florida private companies too.

CityOfOrlJobPostingAd18APhoto and graphics courtesy by City of Orlando

Here is a job posting I found recently on the City of Orlando website. Please click on this link ot view this job posting at . Good Luck with your job search.

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