Photo Tip Series – Photographing Any Baseball Game

PhotoTipSeriesGraphicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I’m writing about is photographing a baseball game. It is America’s favorite summer sport. I had a chance too photograph minor league, major league, and college baseball games. Most of the baseball games have the same feel. Many of these tips can be used for Little League and High School baseball games too.

First off is the equipment selection for photographing a baseball game. A good DSLR camera with a high ISO range will help. Next, is your lens selection. Most people can’t afford to go out a buy 100-300mm 2.8 lens. There are some alternatives, which are the 70-200mm 2.8 lens, 300mm f4 lens, and many more. Or use what you have. Just remember that it will be easier for you to photographing in the daytime light to capture the baseball plays as oppose to nighttime.

I’m not a big fan of fix lens such as just 300mm lens. A zoom lens is preferred to for photographing any baseball games. If all you have is a 28-300mm lens it will work too. Most professional photographers have two cameras when photographing a baseball game, but you only really need one.

Before going to any baseball game. Check out how the professional photographer images. Over time, you will get better and develop your baseball photography skills. It is all about timing and anticipating where the play will happen to capture the images.

There are three different areas to get good quality action photos from. First, photograph behind home plate. One may have to photograph through a screen. This may be tricky if one doesn’t know how to photograph in manual shooting mode. The auto focus will be going in and out because of the screen in front of you and won’t work. If the lens is small enough it may fit through the screen. There is a chance that a baseball could hit your lens by accident. Already keep your eye on the ball because there is a chance to get hit during the game.

Another place is at either the 1st or 3rd base dugout areas with permission from the baseball league or team couch. Sometimes photographers are prohibited from these areas. If you’re unable to get access to these areas try photographing on the fence line closet to these bases.

The outfield is not the best place to photograph because one needs an extremely long lens. If one tries photographing from the outfield wall one will be photographing mainly outfield plays. Plus, there is a chance of getting hit and injured while posted in the outfield wall. Sometimes these walls and fences are too high. One would need to bring a ladder to accomplish this task. Photograph at your own risk.

Sometimes one can photograph from the stands. But remember one will have to photograph through the backstop screen or netting. Auto focus has a hard time capturing images through a screen. Manual focus is the best and most accurate.

Some of the best times to photograph baseball are at practices and before games. They may let some photographers out on the field to capture some images. Always ask for permission before going onto the field. This is usually given to the media as a courtesy or for serious photographers too.

There is always more to photograph at a baseball stadium than just a baseball. I like to capture the outside of the stadium, fans having a great time, and the entertainment between innings. Never photograph in side of any locker room. This is a big no-no! Don’t forget the food like hotdogs, peanuts, popcorn, and much more. Plus, there maybe some historical items on display too.

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