Off Topic – The End is Near for Albertsons – Safeway Supermarkets Leaving Central Florida


Advertisement graphics and image courtesy by Safeway

Written by Robert Voss
Editorial Commentary

First off, I used to be employed by Albertsons Supermarkets in the Metro Orlando area while going to school. There was always speculation that one day Albertsons would leave Florida. Well, the news came true on June 28, 2018. Publix posted a press release about the deal between Safeway Supermarkets in Florida.

Publix Press Release states:

LAKELAND, Fla., June 28, 2018 — Today, Publix Super Markets Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase three Florida stores from Safeway. The locations include:

  • 503 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs
  • 10500 Ulmerton Road, Largo
  • 950 NE 50th Street, Oakland Park

Publix CEO & President Todd Jones commented on the purchase, “Publix continues to look for ways to expand within our operating area to better serve our customers. We are excited for this opportunity to acquire existing stores within our home state.”

The three locations plan to continue operating as Safeway stores until early September. However, Safeway’s pharmacies will close prior to the main store closings. Publix posters will be displayed within Safeway’s pharmacies to advise customers once their prescriptions have transferred to the Publix Pharmacy.

Impacted Safeway employees are encouraged to pursue job opportunities at Publix and will be provided with details on how to apply for employment. We expect all locations to have grand opening dates within the fourth quarter of this year.

Many Safeway customers are asking why. This happened because of poor Albertsons management decisions in the past that forced the company to close stores for a number of reasons. Safeway Supermarkets was hoping for a comeback in Florida, but that did not materialize at all. A lot of Safeway employees were very hopeful for expansion in the near future.

For me this was sad day for this grocery store closing in early September 2018. Watch for a liquidation sale of all products on the store shelves, store fixtures, and much more. Look for the Publix in Altamonte to keep both store locations open from one another. The former Safeway store is (65,545 sq ft) bigger than present the Publix location across the street. Many Safeway employees are expected to be hire by Publix Supermarkets. The end is near for Albertsons – Safeway Stores in Central Florida. Stay tuned for more information on this important development.

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