Off Topic – Alternative Hurricane Preparation Ideas

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

People tend to panic because of a pending hurricane coming their way, they immediately running to many retail stores to pick up their hurricane preparedness supplies to ride the storm. With empty store shelves of water, bread, chips, canned goods, and other supplies, what can one do? Start thinking like the television show MacGyver. What would he do in this situation. Think outside of the box.

There is quite a few ways to get around not having plastic water containers. First, save your empty plastic water bottles to be refilled with regular tap water. This will save one some money and time. Another option is filling up your bathtub with water to be used for flushing a toilet. Don’t forget the empty bucket.

When going to your home improvement store for supplies and you encounter the shelves are empty on sheets of ply wood, generators, and much more. There are alternative supplies one can buy. It doesn’t have to be just plywood. I recommend buying some moving blankets along with metal grommets to cover the interior window. To hang the moving blankets one must place (3) grommets on one on each end and one in the middle. This requires a grommet kit to attach a grommet to the moving blanket. Also, one will have to purchase some j-hooks for the wall. It is not recommended to tape your windows. This is why I suggest buying moving blankets as an alternative.

Is your home and or business is prone to flooding? Than here are a few ideas. When a store runs out of sandbags along with fine sand. One can buy either heavy-duty trash bags or pillowcases as an alternative. Just make sure if your using pillowcases that you have some sort of plastic liner in them.  Can’t find any find sand than use dirt, cat litter, etc.

Another hot item that goes fast in stores are generators. Generators tend to fly off of store shelves with the local news announces a hurricane can impact our area. If you’re looking for an alternative power sources, then check out solar power and or uses with a marine battery. Before buying any of these items one must their homework to make it work.

Other items I recommending buying a roll of plastic drop cloth, tarps, heavy duty rope, etc. Don’t wait till the last minute when everyone is shopping for hurricane supplies. Good Luck in preparing for this up coming hurricane season.

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