News Flash! Altamonte Safeway Supermarket Closing at the End of the Month


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Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Altamonte Springs, FL — Now is your last time to visit your Central Florida Albertsons / Safeway Supermarket Store. The going out of business sale has begun at this location. Loyal customers keep coming back until the doors are locked forever. The official day of closing this store is set for Saturday, August 25, 2018. After this date, Publix Supermarket is taking possession over this store location. Expect to see an auction house to liquidate all store equipment and fixtures at a later date.

When entering the store, it still looks like a normal grocery store. Here is what I have observed department to department at this store. Just a third of store shelves are empty. There is still employees stocking and re-arranging store shelves at his time. Store Director Pat Fraser is out on the sales floor still helping customers. Many customers have known Fraser for a long time. Even I have known him since 1997, when I worked for Albertsons Supermarket at another location.

Most of the store selves are still stocked with the remaining store products. Shoppers can pick up some great bargains. The entire store is marked down 10% to 40% off the store retail price. Discount signs are posted around the store for every item.

The store Pharmacy has already closed back on July 14, 2018. Customer’s prescriptions have already been transfer to the Publix Pharmacy. There is nothing left inside the Pharmacy. Only over the counter medication is being sold at a discount from pain relievers, cough and cold, first aid supplies, etc on the store shelves.

If you have a sweet tooth, check out the Bakery Department. They are selling off all fresh cakes, donuts, breads, cookies, and pies. Sorry, no cookie cakes left. Home bakers can even buy the fresh left over frosting and cake boards. Prices are marked on all items.

Looking for something for dinner. Safeway has you covered. The last of Crazy Chicken Monday will happen on Monday, August 13, 2018. Once all the chicken has been cooked and sold, there will never be anymore made. There are still some prepared meals available at the deli counter. Most of the deli meats in the cold counter are gone. Only a select few are available.

There is still a large selection of beer and wine left on store shelves. Some of the best deals are in the Liquor Department. Get your bottle of wine while you can. Some popular wines maybe picked over.

The general merchandise products in the Drug Department are the fastest items going off of store shelves at this time. I found office/school supplies, auto products, kitchen items, and much more. All backroom items have already been stocked on the store shelves.

The Butcher Block is still open and serving customers. It looked beauty well stocked with fresh chicken, seafood, ground beef, steaks, lamb, and much more. Time to get your fresh dinner items for tonight.

Plus, here is some brief information about some other side department. The Floral Department is cleaned out near the front of the store. Some items may not be available. One can’t forget the Produce Department. There are still a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some store shelves are empty already. The Frozen Food Department is almost empty. They’re some frozen food items still available. Starbucks inside the store is still operational. It is unknown when they are shutting down.

All sales are final. Sorry, no returns. Visit this store before all products are sold. It is a sad time for all customers and myself to see this store close up forever in Central Florida. For more information on Safeway Supermarket please visit .

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Source of Information: First hand experience and a former Albertsons employee

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