2018 SSC Art Exhibit featuring Artist Chase Wilson King Preview

SemStCollArtGalleryAug2018AAdvertisement courtesy by chasewilsonking.com

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

The 2018-2019 season starts with an art exhibit featuring Artist Chase Wilson King at the Seminole State College Art Gallery. This art exhibit runs from August 23 – September 20, 2018. This show closes on the last day at noontime. All Students, Faculty, Staff, and the General Public are welcome to view these featured works of art during the regular Art Gallery hours along with theater intermission time too. This is a free art exhibit open to everyone.

Everyone is invited to attend the Open Reception on Thursday, August 23, 2018, from 5-7pm. The artist is expected to make a brief presentation about his work. Followed by questions and answers session from the artist. After the gallery talk, light hors d’oeuvres are served.

It is a quick drive from Downtown Orlando to the Main Campus of Seminole State College in Sanford. Check your GPS for the best route to the college. When arriving on Seminole State College property to visit Art Gallery at the Center for Fine and Performance Arts, you will want to park closest to the Performing and Fine Arts Building. Look for signs direction drivers to the Art Gallery. Parking is free. Then look for the G-building, which has a brick exterior. There are multi-able entrances.

Who is artist Chase Wilson King? King lives and works in Woodstock, Georgia, which is located just Northwest of Atlanta. He graduated from college in 2017, then became a full time artist and has been creating ever since then. Much of his work is on display in art galleries in the Southeast. His work consists of paper work, canvas paintings, photo painting, and plexi. For more information on this artist please visit www.chasewilsonking.com .

When visiting the SSC Art Gallery, visitors will get to view King’s series of abstract conceptual mixed-media paintings and cyano-types masterpieces. These works of art have a free form abstract style. Some art may have hidden objects and elements in the work. King forces the viewer to analyze the piece to see what he or she will notice. Viewers will notice some clues inside the artwork based on the title of the piece. It is always best to always read the artwork title first before viewing it. Some of King’s works maybe for sell. If interested in any art piece see Art Gallery Curator for more details.

When visiting the SSC Art Gallery, there are several prohibited items, which are large bags, backpacks, video/still cameras, selfie sticks, food and drinks, etc. Also, it is encouraged to donate to the monetary fund to keep this art gallery running into the future.

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