Italico Italian Steam Iron Product Review


Written by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Product Review

Orlando, FL – I attended the 2018 Orlando Fall Home & Garden Show. While working around on assignment, I came across a booth with some two representatives steaming wrinkles out of clothing. What caught my attention about this iron it can be used for travel, home, and ship uses.

Who is Italico? Italico is the best user-friendly light steam iron, manufactured in Italy with high technology standards and made from high quality components & materials.
Italico give great advantages such as:

  • Multi-purpose steam iron, can be used at home and on the go.
  • light and small, weight less than 1 pound.
  • Powerful steam.
  • Can be used on nearly all fabrics.
  • Designed for worldwide use. Can be used on 110v and 220v power line.
  • Lifetime warranty with registration.

I thought this looked like a neat steam iron and asked if I could test this out. The representative handed this steam iron over to me. It felt very light when picking it up. Then I asked if I could iron an article of wrinkled clothing. Next, I was given instructions on how to steam the wrinkles out of the clothing. I was instructed to keep the iron point straight up and go in a circular motion. The clothing was hanging vertically. There was not an ironing board around. Upon touching the clothing with this iron the wrinkles vanished immediately. Then, I asked if I needed to apply starch to the clothing. The representative replied no.

The representative was not finished showing me yet about this steam iron. He showed me how the steam iron works by iron a typical store plastic bag. It did not rip, burn, smoke, etc. The only thing it was lightly damp from the steam. I know my current iron could not do this at home.

When completing my product test, I knew I was sold on this product. Every week, I iron my white dress shirts. My typical consumer grade iron only lasts 2-3 years depending on usage. If your using your current iron every week. It will burn out at some point. Trust me on this information. Now, I decided to buy this product and try it out for myself.

The Italico Italian Steam Iron sold for $40 for one or $70 for two at this show only. Other retail stores are selling this product for $200. I have seen this exact product on selling for $200. It is a great deal if you can pick it up at a Home and Garden Show in your area. I only purchased the one at the show. They have a variety of colors to choose from. They have red, black, white, aqua, and much more. This product is only made in Italy. There maybe knock off brands out there. Buyers should beware.

What do you get in the product box? Upon opening the box, one will see a plastic iron, clear plastic liquid cup with lid, black electrical cord, and a black attachment brush, and instruction manual. Everything is brand new and never been used.

After buying this product, it is recommended to register for your product warranty within 7 days of purchase. If something happens to this product just contact the manufacture. One must go online to register this product.

When I got this product home, I read the manual before using this steam iron. The directions were quite easy to read. The first clothing I tested this product out on a replica Ghostbusters uniform. It had a lot of wrinkles. Briefly, I put three mini spoons of salt along with one cup of water into the steam. Then I plugged this product into the wall, it took about 15-20 seconds to steam. Then I started steaming off the wrinkles off of the uniform.

Overall, I do recommend this product if your using ironing a few clothes. This product is great for traveling. For more information on this product please visit . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at .

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Note: This is an independent product review. The review is based on first hand experience on this product and Italico has no input into this review.


  1. My daughter and I both bought an iron on Sept. 16th at the Home and Garden Show in Orlando. Neither of our irons work. Would someone please get back to me about this problem?


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