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Written by Nathan Wertheimer

If you have ever taken a cruise before you may seen the Park West Art Gallery (PWG) aboard your ship. It is a great way for new and seasoned art collectors to get their hands on some limited editions and original artwork for less money than at retail art gallery prices. PWG has been in business for over 49 years now and is based in Michigan. They are trusted business in the art community and around the world too. There are many repeat customers who attend these art auctions.

All cruise passengers are welcome to take part in the cruise art auction. It is free just to watch and learn the art auction process and experience. Everything is explained to all bidders before an auction starts. All participants are given a number on a card. One will use it for the duration on their cruise. If you have any questions ask one of the art gallery associates. They are there to assist you on any possible art purchases.

Before the auction starts, there is a preview time for all of the works of art for sell, which is being auctioned off. This is the time for serious buyers to closely look at the artwork and decide whether to buy it or not. If you’re very serious about a particular work of art, it is advised to asked for the sale price and buy it before it goes up for auction. Once it goes up for auction expect the price to go up and someone else may get a chance to buy it. When the auction starts, the Auctioneer/Art Director tries to make the art auction fun for everyone involved. The more energy the crowd has the more enjoyable it can be for everyone. There is a prize award for one rowdiest attendee. What is the rowdiest attendee award? This is one person who exhibits a lot of energy by participating, clapping, and giving off positive energy. On my last cruise, the auctioneer chose me as the rowdiest attendee. This was a real honor for me. PWG gave me a free limit edition print with the option of paying for framing from their gallery.

Some cruise passengers may get invited to the Thomas Kinkade Seminar and Unveiling event. Look for an invitation on your stateroom door. This is a fun event where one can learn more about Kinkade. Most of Kinkade’s work is from Northern California scenery. This artist is known as the “Painter of Light.” This is a fun way to learn about art through knowledgeable PWG associates. Plus, they will give away some great riffle prizes such as $250 coupon off Kinkade artwork and the grand prize of one of Kinkade small-framed art print. This was a one-time event aboard my cruise. Look for other features artist events on your cruise too.

Once the art auction starts, sit back and relax. Bid on your favorite works of art to buy. All sales are final. The highest bidder always wins. Sometimes the auction will have a special surprise art collection. This is a hidden collection that has not been revealed to anyone in attendance. The auctioneer will ask any who wants to bid on it. It is advised to raise your number for the option to purchase these works. Once the artwork is unveiled, the bidding process starts. Many of artwork are limit edition prints. There can be more than one winner on these prints because there are multiple copies. Expect this prints to be unframed and go at reasonable prices.

Other art auctions are held entitled “$500 and Under and More.” This consisted of posters, prints, and some original artwork at various price points. There is something for everyone’s budget. The art director claims one can buy affordable artwork at a great price. The cheapest item I have seen at the auction was around $15 for a poster.

Besides artwork, PWG also have sports memorabilia and collectables. I have seen a signed Mohammad Ali’s Everlast Boxing Gloves along with a photo of him in a shadowbox for sale. This item is a real eye catcher. Expect there to be a bidding war on these types of items.

Serious art collectors should apply for the PWG collectors card right on your cruise if you don’t already have one. There is interest free on all artwork with certain conditions that apply. They do run a credit check on all applicants who apply for this collectors card. See an art gallery associate to sign you up.

At the end of the auction, don’t forget to pickup your free artwork print while walking out of the auction area. The free print is in a white envelope and measures approximately 8.5” x 11.” Only print per bidder per auction. There are several prints one can collect on your cruise.

Toward the end of your cruise, any passengers who purchased any artwork must confirm their artwork and make payment arrangements at the Park West Gallery on-board the ship. Some passengers may even take some framed artwork to take off the ship, which are ready to go (RTG).

Once back home, expect your artwork to arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 weeks. All artwork is professionally packaged and shipped. PWG guarantees the quality of the product and service.

Overall, if you have never been to an on-board cruise art auction, I highly recommend one check out this art auction. One doesn’t know what they are missing. This is just one exciting activities aboard the ship when cruising the high seas. Good luck in the art auction bidding process. For more information on PWG please .

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