NEWS FLASH! West Altamonte Springs Aldi is Temporary Closed for Store Remodeling



Written by Nathan Wertheimer

West Altamonte Springs, FL – Many weekly loyal Aldi shoppers are stopping by the State Road 436 Aldi Store location to only find out that this store is temporary closed for store remodeling. All the doors and windows are covered with brown paper sheets. The entire store is empty of the store shelves with grocery and general merchandise products. Even the shopping carts carrel area is empty too. There is a huge banner sign out front of the store states, “temporary closed for remodeling.”

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Posted on the front doors of this store are a few signs. One sign reads, “Aldi is grateful for your patience during this exciting as we update our store! We closed today at 4pm on 9/30/2018 until November 2018. Please visit our nearest location at: Aldi Apopka: 1636 East Semoran Blvd. or Aldi Casselberry:153 State Road 436. We look forward to seeing you at our Grand Reopening!”

The other sign posted on the front door reads, “While updating our look we will have a reduced frozen section that you can find in the freezer merchandisers next to the produce. We will resume carrying all products at our grand Reopening. Thank you for your understanding while we continue to update our store!” Note this posting was posted before the temporary store closer started when the construction crew was working on the cooler and freezer sections.

On the Aldi’s website this store is listed with closed hours with no other further information posted. However, the other closet store location is a little over 4 miles a way. Plus, there are no other current press releases about this store location at this time.

What happened to the store employees at this location? Don’t worry, these employees have been transferred to work at either the Apopka or Casselberry store locations and will return when the store remodeling is complete. If you see and know any of the Altamonte Aldi Store employees, please say hello and ask how they are doing. It is not an easy time for them while in this transition period.

Because the Altamonte Springs store was closed, I visited the Apopka store. There is plenty of free parking at this store. I even ran into one of the Altamonte Springs store employee stocking the shelves and chatted for a few minutes. The Apopka store location is now a busy place with increased shopper traffic. It took me about thirty minutes to fill the shopping card and to check out, packed my groceries into re-usable bags, and leave the store.

Stay tuned to find out when this store reopens for their re-grand opening. Once this store reopen look for a better store layout along with the products you love to buy. For more information on this store please visit .

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Source of information from first hand experience, from Aldi store and website.

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