Buying New Bed Sheets at Central Florida Flea Market Review

productreviewgrahpicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer
Product Review

Recently, I went on a cruise vacation and kept on hearing to buy Cariloha Bamboo bed sheets made in America and sold in the Caribbean for around $180 per set. However, the Shore Shopper Guide did not recommend buying the knock off bamboo bed sheets at a flea market for a bargain price. She said there is a difference in the quality and material. It is best to buy the real thing.

I was intrigued about the flea market bamboo bed sheets so I went down to the Central Florida Flea Market in Orlando to see what I could find. There were a few dealers who carried the knock-off bamboo 6-piece bed sheet set for $20. There were many colors and styles to pick from. Some styles and colors will change without notice.

While browsing the flea market, I purchased the Bamboo Essence, gray/white Pin Strip Collection for $20. This model set is an 1800 Series Egyptian Comfort, 6-piece set with 2 bonus pillowcases free. On the package it states wrinkle free and has deep pockets. These bed sheets are made in China.

Image of  Bamboo Essence packaging

Before buying this bed sheet set, I did some brief research online and found mixed reviews. There are some other retailers who sell the same brand bed sheets. Here are just a few retailers such as Amazon for $30.00, eBay for $27.99, and Wal-Mart for $25.51. Not all prices include shipping and taxes on the bed sheet set.

The back label on the package states, “Enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep with exceptionally breathable sheets that have a silky soft feel and a lustrous finish. These sheets provide a lasting vibrancy of color no matter how often they are washed and are made of micro fibers that will stay soft and wrinkle free for years to come. Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.”

The bed sheet specification is Flat sheet measure 88” x 99”, Fitted Sheets measure 60” x 80”, and 4 Pillowcases 20” x 30”. This product is packages in a clear bag. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury softness and comfort! This set manufacturing suggested retail price (MSRP) is $249.99.

Overall, for the price and quality of the bed sheet set are good. After a few washes it is still holding up. I enjoy sleeping on super soft linens. Take a chance and buy this bed sheet set.

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  1. Good morning
    I sell those Bamboo Sheet Sets at the
    Firemen’s Field indoor Flea Market in Sebring Florida 12 Different Colors
    They sell fast especially when the snow Birds
    Come back.
    The Cost is $20.00 and I even give away
    A Free Bucket Hat Or Ball Cap with Each
    I have three different Brands to choose from.


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