Mail Box – Your Neighborhood Votes at a High Rate Mailer

MailBoxGrahpicsWritten by Robert Voss

You may have received a mailer around election time from Your Neighborhood Votes at a High Rate which was produced by Club for Growth from Washington D.C.. Hopefully, you took the time to read this mailer. It seemed like an interesting mailer. Continue to read to find out.

Who is the Club for Growth? This organization was founded in 1999 and its focus is on public policy. Plus, they are affiliated with the Republican Party. The Club for Growth is a 501 conservative organization active in the United States, with an agenda focused on cutting taxes and other economic issues. This information came from . What people did not know that this information was not stated on the mailer.

On the organization website it states, “…a national network of over 250,000 pro-growth, limited government Americans who share in the belief that prosperity and opportunity come from economic freedom.” There address is listed as 2001 L St NW, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20036.

On the front of the mailer it states, “Your Neighborhood Votes at a High Rate; according to researchers studying voter turnout in the area as the November 6th Federal Election approaches “An update concerning the latest review of local voter participation data.”

Then on the backside of the mailer it states, “Your neighbors are excellent voters!” It also lists six different neighbors where I live. It listed myself as “Turnout Rate A along with Grade 100. The rest of my neighbors were a mix of A’s and B’s. On the bottom it states, “Each election researchers study publicly available data from the Security of state’s Office. These public records show whether or not a voter participates in each election. Join you neighbors: Be a voter November 6th.”

If you thought this mailer was junk mail, one can have their name removed from their list in the future research projects by calling 1-888-988-1884. For more information on this mailer and organization please visit .

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Source of Information: Mailer from Club for Growth

Scanned photo of front side of mailer from Club for Growth







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