Off Topic – Central Florida Dating on Tinder Dating App


Written by Robert Voss

There are many single people in the in Central Florida market. Today, there are many people with busy professional lives have very little time to date anymore. This is where Tinder comes in and makes it easy for everyone. Plus, it is free for basic service.

At first, I was reluctant to try Tinder dating application. A co-worker helped me set-up an account to get started. Once I was up in running many lady photo profiles appeared on Tinder that match my criteria. There were many ladies that were appealing and some that were not. It is all up to the eye of the beholder. It is recommended to swipe the like moving right and hope you get a match.

Here is what I learned about Tinder. Browse and swipe to the right if you LIKE the girl, than wait for a match. When there is a match one will get a message. Many people like to window shop. When you message someone, most of them won’t reply back. A few will reply back to start communication process.

My personal feelings about dating websites are always be upfront with the other person. Don’t lie or deceive the other person while your trying to get to know them. Dating is not a game. Some people think so. The goal is match up with someone your compatible with.

Here are some tips for guys on Tinder. Don’t be over aggressive with the ladies on Tinder. When messaging a lady a quick Hi will work. Then the girl will reply back about her self. Give it some time before replying back. It will make it seem like your are not in a hurry. Be pleasant when messaging her. Get to know the lady before meeting with them at a local coffee shop.

While on Tinder, I had a match with a lady named Alice who was from Czech Republic, who has a 4-year-old daughter, and has not been in a serious relationship in three years. Everything seemed fine. She was eager to meet with me at a coffee shop after she got back from her trip. In one of her messages she claimed she had to go on a trip and will be back in a few days. After the third day, I messaged her. She replied back by telling me to check out her profile on using another username JennyXXXXX. Then this website took me directly to . By then I figured out it was spam and wanted me to sign up for the subscription. She could not fool me. I never contacted her again. Eventually, she deleted her profile from Tinder. Looking back, I did the right thing by not giving out too much information. However, she failed to answer certain questions.

All was not a total loss. There is more fish out in the sea. Good Luck with finding your soul mate. There is a person out there for everyone. Don’t give up. For more information on date website please go to

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