Off Topic – Porch Pirates Stealing Packages in Central Florida

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

It doesn’t matter where you live. There is always someone looking to steal your letters and packages at the doorstep of your home. It seems this happens more about the holidays. Pirates think they are going to get a high price item in a box. This is not always the case of what is inside the box.

What are the reasons why someone would want to steal someone else’s packages? People are desperate for money to survive. Most crooks sell these stolen items to pawn shops, on eBay, and on the black market. Some people even do this for fun and games too.

I personally have had an envelope stolen from my front door years ago. What was inside the envelope was an Apple Operating System CD that I needed to upgrade my computer. It was valued around $75. The theft occurred during the daytime when I was not at home. Later I found out a crack head neighbor who stole and sold the Apple Operating System CD on eBay to fund his drug problem. He has since died because of drug addiction.

Because I was a victim of crime, I decided to stand up and stop this from happening again. First, I posted a notice on my door and here is what it states, [“Notice to all Parcel Couriers. Please do not leave any packages at my doorstep. I will pickup any packages at your distribution center. I’m not responsible for any packages that are left at my doorstep. Thank you and have a nice day.”] I have since never had any packages or letters stolen again. If any other couriers leave a package(s) at my door and it is stolen. I will hold the courier company responsible for monetary damages. I recommend posting this notice on all residential homes front door.

If you become a victim of parcel theft, please report it immediately to Law Enforcement. This will start the process of finding the item and looking for suspects. Conduct your own investigation. Find out what day and time the package was delivered to your doorstep. Ask your neighbors if they saw anything suspicious around the time of the theft of the package. Check your local pawnshops to see if they have the exact same item for sale. You might be able to find a claim with the courier company on your theft of an item.

What are some other solutions to this huge theft problem? First, instruct the courier company to have the receiver sign for the package. This will help prevent anyone trying to steal the package at your door. Next, purchase an outside lock box. Recently an inventor came up with a lock box for packages. Some of these lock boxes are for sale at many home improvement stores. Only the couriers and the resident would have access to the lock box.

A word to anyone thinking about stealing letters and packages from someone’s doorstep; don’t do it. Eventually you will be caught and pay the price for your bad behavior. You’ll be serving jail time, paying for court costs, restitution, and community service too. Respect everyone’s property. Now at days most people have a security camera systems to detect just about anything. It is a matter of time before your caught by Law Enforcement.

I wrote this article to give the general public awareness to this big problem in our society. If we all work together we can stop theft of packages at home. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at .

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Source of information: First hand experience

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