Consumer Alert – Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device for Macintosh

ConsumerAlertGraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

If you purchased an Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device from MetroPCS by T-Mobile and have experience an issue trying to get onto the Internet and can’t get on, then you’re not alone. If you own an Apple Macintosh and have experience an issue trying to connect to the Internet, there is a solution to this problem.

What is the specification for the Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device? This device provides high-speed Internet anytime, anywhere. The highlight of this device can have up to 15 devices connection, 6 hours usage of battery life, 256MB Rom/128MB RAM of memory, 4G LTE enabled, easy setup through web interface or Alcatel Link App. This product retails for $80.00 plus tax and activation fee. This information is based on the MetroPCS website.


Website graphics courtesy by MetroPCS by T-Mobile

Always make sure your Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device is fully charged, turn on device before turning on your computer. This will eliminate the issue to trouble shoot the problem.

When you first get this hotspot device and try to get on the Internet straight out of the box, one must turn it on and connect it to your computer. Then one will see the T-Mobile Internet setting menu will appear in the browser. It looks very complicated. Stick with the user name and password information on the back cover of the hotspot device. It is advised not to change any of the settings. Changing any of the setting without knowing what your doing will cause many bad issues.

If there still is an issue with device connecting to Internet, check the firmware for an update. This can be done on your mobile phone connected to the hotspot device. One should have the newest firmware update. In the past, there have been issues with the firmware.

alcatel-linkzone-small-01Photo courtesy by MetroPCS by T-Mobile

Do NOT try to manually reset the Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device if it is not working. This will erase the data on the device and make the hotspot device useless. Plus, it will void your warranty. There is a posted article on how to reset this hotspot device. Resetting this device is not highly recommended. Performing this function yourself will be at your own risk.

If your still having issue with your Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device please return back to the store with your receipt to where you bought it from. They maybe able to trouble shoot the problem, exchange the hotspot device, or give a refund on this hotspot device. All contents with device must be in the original package for any returns.

Another issue I have had with this device is when the customer hits their data limit. It will not longer work until the next monthly period. The icon bars (Left side) will just flash. One can still connect the device to the computer. It just won’t do anything. Plus, this device does not give the user any warnings that they are approaching this data limit.

This article was written because I experience all of these problems with this hotspot device. Plus, I wanted to further educate the general public on trouble shooting the problem. Once your up and running you’ll be good to go. Happy Internet surfing. For more information on the Alcatel Linkzone Hotspot Device please visit or

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Source of information: First hand experience, Alcatel, MetroPCS by T-Mobile

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