Off Topic – The search and investigation for Jennifer Kesse from Orlando

offtopicgraphicsInformation compiled and written by Robert Voss

First off, this cold case has intrigued me along with the rest of the public for a while. Where is Jennifer Joyce Kesse from Orlando? There are many theories out by both by law enforcement and by the general public too. I am writing this article to break down this cold case and hopefully find Kesse after all of these years.

Here is some of the history of this cold case. Kesse was abducted in January 2006 from her condo near the Millennia Mall area and has not been seen ever since. The local media has been providing on-going coverage on this story. Some details have never been released by law enforcement. Orlando Police Department claim they are still searching for her even still today. There is no change in status in the Kesse missing person cold case.

A brief description Kesse is that she was born in May 20, 1981 and would 37 years old in 2018. She is approximately 5’8 height, has long sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and is approximately 125lbs. Her identifying marks are a double pierced ears, tattoo of a small “shamrock” on left side of buttock below the bikini line, birthmark on left middle finger, skin tags on outside of left hand, non-raised faded strawberry birthmark on rib area, surgical scars on left elbow, cleft in chin, dark eyebrows. She is a graduate from University of Central Florida. Please note that some of her body characteristics may have changed with her age as of today.

There are many questions surrounding this cold case. Most of these questions were asked by law enforcement and then followed up during this on-going investigation.

  • Was Kesse profiled before she was abducted from the scene of the crime?
  • Did Kesse put up a struggle when she was abducted?
  • What clues were found at the crime scene?
  • What evidence was collected at the crime scene by law enforcement?
  • Were there are any witnesses at her condo? What did they see or hear on the day of the crime?
  • Who would want to kill Kesse?
  • Who are the suspects and or person of interests in January 2006?
  • Did Kesse have anyone stalking her?
  • Where all of co-workers interviewed about this case by law enforcement?
  • Was anyone identified on the CCTV footage from her condo video?
  • Who drove her Black 2004 Chevy Malibu and was found at Texas and Americana in South Orlando? DNA and fingerprints may have been taken from this vehicle.
  • Did the local sex traffickers had anything to do with her disappearance?

Some evidence that may have been collected for this cold case

  • Black 2004 Chevy Malibu
  • Kesse’s tooth brush
  • Kesse’s hair brush
  • Kesse’s glassware (for possible finger prints from her)
  • Kesse’s dental x-rays back in 2004 (may be used to identified her)
  • Kesse’s personal cell phone

Person of interest on this cold case

In the photo at the condo, it is believe to be a male or female person who is 5’3” to 5’5” tall, has dark short hair, wearing light color clothing, black shoes, and was seen inside the condo community on this day of abduction. Some people have speculated it would be a Hispanic or an Asian person because of the height in the photo. That has not been confirmed.

Theories surround this cold case.

  • Kesse was shipped outside this country for sex trafficking
  • She was killed and her body was dumped somewhere in Central Florida
  • She ran away to for a better life elsewhere.

Timeline of Events

  • Kesse was last contacted via phone at her residence on Jan 22, 2006
  • Kesse disappeared on Jan 23, 2006
  • Kesse’s Black Chevy Malibu was found abandon on Jan 26, 2006

Finally, this cold case has gone on for far too long. Her family really needs find closure now. As a community we all need to all come together and find Jennifer Kesse. If you have any resources to help please contact the Kesse Family attorney.

If you have seen or have information regarding this cold case please contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477 or go to . It is time to bring this cold case to a close after all of these years.

Also, her family has set-up a Go Fund Me account set-up to collect funds to find Jennifer Kesse. To donate please visit . Any amount will help in missing person case.

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