2019 New Years Resolution Ideas

SpecialFeaturegraphicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer

Every year everyone says that they are committed to their new year’s resolutions, but most of us fail to complete some of the list. It is almost a new year and it is time to make a new one and start over. Forget about the past years resolutions. Now is your chance to find new ones. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions ideas list which are losing weight, financial independence, finding a new job or career, managing stress, world peace, investment planning, and your own personal resolution.

This is one always have on my list to lose weight. I have a goal to stay in shape to run the Track Shack Celebration of 5K, which takes place every August. My motivation is finish the race and get my finishers metal. One does not have to be a professional runner to participate in this 5K race. Participants can run or walk the 3.1 miles course. It takes me a combination of running and walking in about 40 minutes to complete this race. Anyone can do this race. It is all about being focused and motivated.

Another resolution is financial independence. This all starts with paying down your current bills. Don’t over spend on your credit cards. Always pay your credit card balance in full every month. Why should you pay the credit card company fees. Let the credit card companies give you free rewards.

Have you thought about your financial future? It is time to get your self an investment planner. Not all of them are the same. Do your research before signing up with an investment planner. These representatives can get you on the right track for the future. It does not matter how much money you make. Go make an appointment and see one today.

Are you tired of your job or career? After the first of the year, it is time to find a new one. Do your research before jumping into any new job or career. At the beginning of the first of the year look for employers to post for new open positions. This is the time to land that new job.

After the holidays, most of us are stressed out. Take some time for yourself find an activity you enjoy doing. This could be playing sports, reading a good book, relaxing at the beach, playing a musical instrument, painting a picture of any subject matter, etc. This is the me time.

World peace is another one that most people have on their list. This all starts with being kind to our neighbors and to your co-workers. We are all in this together. If someone looks like they need help just ask them. Ignoring them and passing them up will not up the situation.

Then add your own New Year’s Resolution. This could be anything. Make sure you’ll be able to accomplished that task for the year. Good luck in deciding on your New Year’s Resolutions.

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