Off Topic – Love Triangle Story in Central Florida

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

A while ago, I encountered a love triangle that I could recall this story. This is based on a true story. I was not expecting to get involved into their problem. The entire story starts out when a boyfriend invites another girl to an event for the night. They were having a great time. One of them posted an Instagram photo of them selves at an event. Then it started a chain reaction of series of events.

When his girlfriend saw the Instagram she was terribly was upset about another girl stealing her boyfriend in the photo. The boyfriend never told her that she asked another girl out for the evening. They were going just as friends. In the past, they were a couple and still had feelings for each other. The girlfriend never met and knew about the other girl. Plus, he never mentioned that he had a girlfriend.

Then the girlfriend rushed over right after her college the class had ended for the night. She went to confront her boyfriend on his actions. It is ironic that she knew where to find the boyfriend’s vehicle. They always parked their vehicle in the same parking lot for many other events. She waited around for her boyfriend to return to his vehicle with the other girl. He was shocked to find his girlfriend standing beside his vehicle. Both of them talked awhile about their situation and remain calm.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend and boyfriend were talking to each other, I noticed the other girl just standing by herself alone. She could not believe what was transpiring before her and never experience this before. I consoled this lone girl. She explain she is just friends with the guy. They have been long time friends. She was worried how she was going to get home for the night.

At the end of the night, the girlfriend and boyfriend went their separate ways. Now the ex-girlfriend knew it was time to let him go. She dumped him right in front of the other girl. Her ex-boyfriend and the other girl left to go home.

Another thing that allegedly happened was the keyed side of the boyfriend’s vehicle. It is unclear if the ex-girlfriend was involved in this. She might have key his vehicle for revenge for what he did or it might have happened elsewhere.

There are many reasons why this guy never deserved his ex-girlfriend. For one thing, he was never honest and had open communication with her. Plus, he had a pattern of cheating in his past. That was a red flag.

The moral of this story is always before up front with your significant other. If you love and respect your other half in a relationship in turn will bloom for many years to come. The key to any relationship is being happy together. If you’re not happy then find someone else. It is better to wait than to rush into any relationship.

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Source of information: First hand experience

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